Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boy Candies' Premiere Night =)

Must take a travelogue break for now to cover the very fresh premiere night I attended earlier for D'Survivors! I thought it's gonna be shown on Wednesday so with me just getting back last night from BKK (oh, I'm so excited to share my experience ;), you can say I've one quite hectic sked. :P

Same as before, the venue was at SM Mega Cinema1. I was thankful for the ever supportive friends of mine who came to see the film: Cathy, Jates, Philip, Jasper & Aryan. :) With me doing my bro's make-up and helping him find a fedora for his get-up around 7PM, we arrived quite late at the place to find the cinema with a long queue of moviegoers already. So what to do while waiting? PICS!!!

with JT, I'm wearing my MNG current fave dress :)

Lem & Cathy :)
Well thankfully, Lem informed us that we can be prioritized to enter the cinema ahead of the others because of the stamp in our tickets. Whew!

And here's a pic of the 3 boy candies of the film. Hihihi.

On the way to the mall, my brother was updating me on how he was misquoted with his interview for TV Patrol last week while I was away when asked if he is being threatened by the invasion of Brazilian models in PH. Well, I already mentioned about this long long ago in my post entitled Raket (which sadly I don't have that much time for now to look for and hyperlink). I stand by my brother's side when he said yes but let me clear that he didn't mean it bad for the persons in question. He is in good terms with Daniel, Fabio and Aki above.
So good that after the movie, he even introduced me one by one to them. Ayeeeeeee!!!! Moment of moments!! Hahahaha!!! I kind of thought he let me down when after the intro, he helped me uhmm get a photo with them. Bwahaha!! But the thing is, it was good coz I got handshakes and not to mention besos!!! Mwah, mwah, mwah!! Hahaha!!! :)

aww, so sweet!! we're so bagay! hahaha!!!!

me with daniel & aki
Then you haven't met Aryan yet. :) I met her during our Sagada adventure with Lisa. Yey! =) Then Justine. Sigh, even with my pretty dress on, I still look a frump besider her. Don't I? Haha!! :))
Then had a quick dinner at Peri Peri GH after the movie. :)

I'll have one more post about India, then proceed with BKK adventures!! Weeeeeee!!! :)

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