Friday, April 23, 2010

India - The Food

Sometime before, I already posted something about trying The New Bombay back @ PH to which I instantly became a fan! :) But of course, even if it claims it is of an authentic Indian cuisine, nothing beats like trying the food themselves to the very country they came from. So ladies & gents, here's what I've been eating for the last 4 days for lunch. Hahaha!!!

(Photo got from my colleague Joanne)

Uhh, uhmm, doesn't look that much appealing to you don't they? Hahaha!! I know you imagine some other yucky things, lols! But what do we have here, there's Poppa the crackers, Naan the bread, some sauces with lentils and potatoes. A veggie selection!! It's healthy, come on! Hahaha!!

When asked during the first day what we'd like to have for lunch and the person who asked suggested an Indian veggie (which is a safe choice considering the very hot weather, the spicy & oily nature of Indian food and some first timers of their authentic cuisine), no one contested to it. I know most of them would like it any other way but naturally we'd like to be polite and show respect to the country in which we are staying at. I discovered that Indians take lunch quite late (1 PM) which is already 3:30 PM back in my country. Even if we are having full Western buffet breakfast at the hotel, sometimes my stomach still feels like having a break when my watch strikes 12 noon PH time. Haha! It's not really feeling hungry or anything, maybe it just takes time to adjust to their time lag. Even 6 PM in my clock already feels like a long day when matter of fact it's just about 3:30 in there. Or maybe it's because of the rigorous technical training. :)) Sssshhhh!!!

The Poppa and Naan instantly became a hit to everybody so that the same thing is being ordered every lunch. Haha! We don't go out anymore for lunch since it's an economic zone and MNCs are expected to have their own cafeteria for their employees. So like I said, we were having the same food every lunch. Sometimes the saucy viands differ but they're pretty much the same ingredients, lentils, corns and anything veggie. :P So you can see that's me, squeezing in Joanne's cam. Haha!

For our 1st, rather 2nd night, our boss decided to have dinner at The Great Kebab Factory which is located at the rooftop of the hotel. It's where the pool area is also, which is funnily so deep at 4 feet only I wondered how on Earth can I swim in here. Tsk, tsk. Anyways, for that particular night, they were having something like a feast of food and beers would be overflowing. And so there we are having to keep on taking what is being served individually to our plates (different roastings of chickens and muttons) and to our suprise, after about the 5th or 6th round we learned that we are just having the starters. THE. STARTERS. Yaaay!!

I know it's bad too leave left overs for food and yes there are a lot of people starving in this world particularly in India but sorry it's just too much. And recently I developed an allergy for chickens and I am not a fan of muttons. And you can add up goat cheese into that. :P Of course I expect you know beef is not being served here yeah??

Now for desserts, it's really interesting. You see, it's very funny how we cannot find some adjectives to the strange food being served to us. I keep on laughing whenever Joanne would taste it and then think very hard of something to describe the food. They're just really should I say bizarre?? Take for example this yogurt drink that's supposedly good for digestion but became a challenge for everybody to finish. Haha!

No offense, the simplest way for me to describe it is that it sort of look and smells like an expired milk. Sorry there are things that might not look good which I can love to eat but then there are those that look fine which I can't take. :P

Desserts is another interesting thing. You see, Indian food can be really really hot and all it would make you feel like you can be a dragon and spit fire in an instant (lol!) but their dessert can really really be ssswwwweeeeeeeeetttttt!! Just like me. Hahaha!!

You may get a little surprised when you taste that green ice cream (you thought it's pistachio flavored?? haha!), uhmm it has kind of that taste or feeling of some oils used for massage?? And the others are soo sweet I think they all taste similar to a meringue or something with condensed milk in it. Then there's another one, the ginger flavored ice cream. GINGER!! Who would've thought?? I wonder if the quality of my voice will improve if i eat a lof of this, hahaha!!!

And then of course, there's everybody. Me as usual being the rose among the thorns.
And before you leave the restau, you will notice something like this, I thought it was some sort of fake leaves as decorations only, but they're actually............Mouth Freshener.

Yes I tried some and let's just say I'd rather have mint candies or gums. ;)

Whoa, this is just food on the first day! Haha! It's now me in Bangkok. ;) Enjoying. :)


Micah - Pearl Necklace said...

I haven't tried yet to eat Indian food but it looks good and great! But it seems you didn't enjoy it, i wanna try it.=) thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

i love indian food..hmm the presentation just don't look that nice..hehe..thanks for the comment. :)


Nivek said...

Wow, you're brave. That plate, to quote Chef Ramsey, looks like dog food! Don't get me wrong, I do like some Indian food but just hate curry. Also they could've done just a tad bit better on the presentation.

Anonymous said...

haahaha!!! its my colleague's plate, she just sort of combined all the food then took a picture.. :P