Friday, July 30, 2010

The Single Diaries 2: That Constant Guy

If you’re someone like me, a certified single for x years, then just maybe you also find yourself in this situation: Dealing with Mr. Relentless.

I dunno if it’s just me not giving them this straightforward or big resounding, “No, I don’t like you. You don’t have a chance.” coz somehow I find it’s rude or it’s just them and their fanatical belief in the saying that “In every aspect of life persistence is being rewarded”. From what I observed, after some time they go out of the picture (to my enormous relief!) but the thing is, after another set of time, they resurface!

It’s flattering. Isn’t it?? Or not at all??

Ookay. I admit, I got that slightest, tiniest frisson of delight when somebody said something in the likes of “I’ve long adored you since we were in college” coz of course it’s been like 1,2,3,……. (not telling, haha!) years now. :P But what about those ones that come back in this way…

Courted. Dejected. Disappeared. Had girlfriend (certainly not learned fact from stalking, lol!). Broke up. Came back.

Is it still supposed to be flattering? I’m not proud that I’ve encountered quite a few cases of this and I don’t think you’ll harbor the same feeling. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Was it supposed to be a message that it didn’t work because (and I squirm internally as I say this) “It was you all along”? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!! Or it’s more like “Hey-it-didn’t-work-out-with-the-other-“you’re-still-single”-I-liked-you-before-let’s-give-it-another-shot” thingy like that. Howsaboutthat? Well, I do not dismiss the fact that some happily-ever-afters started from that. But if this thing happens to you repeatedly [maybe because you’ve been single for X years now (yes X is suppose to be in capital now, lol!)], you get the feeling that you were the choice BECAUSE, truth hurts, “You’re still available!” It’s like all of a sudden, you yourself have plummeted as the last effing option! XD

Oh well, just some random incoherent thoughts I realized when I encountered this guy again last week. Aaargh!!

When I was in Changi airport sometime last year, I had this conversation with a friend of mine Wen (another certified single :P). I told her about one persistent guy who unfortunately is having a connecting flight back to Philippines on that same day I had to leave SG. He had about six hours waiting time and I immediately had to stop abruptly any of his “grand” idea of meeting me while I was there. Having known the guy way back from our college years, she tried to talk me to give the guy a chance,

Wen: “Malay mo naman Lola siya talaga yung para sa iyo.” (Who knows he just may be the one for you.)

Cakes: La, sa age ko namang to may karapatan pa naman siguro akong pumili. *Laughs* (Lola, at this age, I can still afford to be choosy can I?)

Same month back in PH with the same set of college friends, tried retelling that convo during lunch at A Venetto after watching a movie with them. Cue in the *laughs* protion above; I bumped my head when I threw it up in laughter to the glass window on my left. Kinda hard and ouchy actually, haha! And just like how some words of wisdom were reinforced back to you, I was instantly reminded with this saying,

“Always keep your words soft and sweet KC Cakes, just in case you have to eat them.”

That junction was so vivid as though some fairy godmother was actually whispering that saccharine suggestion to my ears.  Point stressed out by another friend right after the bumping scenario. Yaaay!

So maybe I should just stop complaining now and just bask in enjoy the attention while it lasts. Who knows some persistent guy will be rewarded for their patience someday? Not saying there’s one candidate now. Don’t get hopes up. Haha!

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