Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Here’s to a reason why you shouldn’t just be giving your WRONG number to a guy! Haha!!

Ok, another story, another doleur. * sigh * Same gym location, still in the muscle work-out area, but I was in the pull-down equipment. See, I know the name of the thingy this time. Don’t be impressed; it has a label!! Haha!! And it’s good for the ribs and biceps according to the prints in there. :P Okay, one thing here. Let me tell you that I hate hate hate those persons who linger by the equipment just because they’re going to use it next to you. Especially when it’s very obvious that you just started using it! Right?? It’s unethical! I mean, I can go on pulling down those hanging whatever in the air and keep on repeating ‘til I was blue in the face but I can stay there for as long as I like. It’s my right!! So when I noticed this guy is actually “hovering” the pull-down, that’s when I said that uh-oh this might be different.

A DOM! Yyyuuucckk!! I never thought the day would come! Lordy! But when he spoke to me, I breathed a sigh of relief to actually see that he wasn’t. Older than my kuya for sure, but probably early 30s??? And yes I responded to him when he asked if he can alternate in the equipment just because you see, I was taught by my parents to pay respect to elders. Hehehe. Besides, I said “Its okay, I’m done.” and I hoped, prayed and willed it would already end right then and there. Moving on to the next equipment…

“Matagal ka na nagwowork-out dito??”

Aaaaaarrrrggggghhhh!!! I’m really not in the mood for small talks that time. And in my response, I couldn’t have sounded any less interested. But he was naïve. He extended a hand and introduced himself. Thank God for hand-protective gears during my work-outs. Hahaha!! In the next few exchanges, he was able to ferret out info from me and this is the time I realize that I. MUST.LEARN: the art of saying no to guys - politely or impolitely (you’ll never know if there’s a need!!) Seriously, my friend already pointed this out to me before. How I am being still kind to guys even if you know, they’re not really exactly in my radar. This is not a matter of wanting to have them around okay but more of a problem of how to say a big resounding NO. * sigh *

Now this man was already boring me to tears with his story on how he stopped going to the gym before when I stopped in the midst of pulling down the another thingy of another equipment and made me press my hands close to my heart. According to him, he was a victim of a carnapping incident before and he was shot. MY. OH. MY. The trauma of being aimed with a gun before for robbery came flashing through me. Inspite of myself, I can’t help but feel for him a bit. But no need to regale him with my own story of course, it’s just that maybe he sensed this as sympathy or something and started asking for my number.

Uuugh!! My most dreaded part. I hesitated for a bit and then just found myself dictating to him digit by digit (I’m nice remember?) until a strike of genius hit through me and I decided to change the number of the last digit. There!! Haha!! I may be nice, but I’m tricky too! :P Hahaha!! I was actually quite nervous if he’d ring it so I could save his number and found out that it’s off or god forbid, a new number, but an excuse was already formulated. Besides, he did not. Whew!! Having believed that he already got what he wanted and finally, I really had a valid excuse of moving away to the leg work-out area which is blessedly quite far from those in the chest equipments, he uttered his final words of “Nice meeting you.” Phew!

Usually after the dance, I will stay for an hour or more for the weightlifting so I was hoping he might be gone after dressing up. The only scenario I fear is that someone responds to that number I gave him with his SMS. And he would accost me and…but wait, that would make things easier right?? That’ll send him the signal. I carefully surveyed the same section upon my exit from the locker and successfully went out of the gym without any sign of him.

There was an ongoing sale that time. I already laid out a plan to check out those shops quite far from where I must exit the mall prior to gym and holding them paper bags in my hand. Actually, that day was when I bought the faux snakeskin bag from previous post. Hehe. I only have 2 or 3 shops more to check before I finally leave the mall.

Upon walking, I argued with myself if I must avoid first this branch for a while since I’ve had enough of the men here but I already know to myself that it’s a NO-NO since the Body Jam class here is just so energetic! As an added plus, I love love the instructor. He’s soooooooo handsome, it’s such a shame he’s gay and dances Single Ladies more gracefully than I do!! Haha!! But still, Cathy and I harbored this little admiration for him. Haha!! Omigosh, if you only knew how happy I am whenever he compliments me during the class!!! With my hair, my moves, hahaha!!! Cloud nine!! It’s final! NO. I’ll stick here. He might not probably be here anymore by next week. Heck, I didn’t even see that Mr. Not So Swabe guy ever since our encounter.

Happy with my decision, I continued window shopping! Haha!! Oh yeah, this shop. THIS is where I always score fab shoes! And would you look at it, it’s ON SALE! Lovely!! Pleased with the thought, I breezed through the shop with a smile (you know my reaction when it’s on sale right??) and………


I turned my head to the direction of the voice and found him on a side chatting with the salesman. For a moment I was like a deer caught in the headlights and willed my smile to remain plastered on my face. It’s HIM. Of all places nga naman!!!

“Hi!” I managed to say.

Looking at my paper bags as though detecting my weakness, he said “Shopping ha?”


“Sige tingin ka lang diyan. Bigyan kita ng 10% discount!”

“Okay.” Then I turned around.

Say what???????? Errr, who is he here?? Manager?? Owner?? Then I remembered the number, has he found out yet?? What if he finds out now?? I feel sorry for myself loosing a discount. Haha!! Anyways, looking around I can’t find anything interesting. Well there’s a fringe bag and I’m thinking of it as my statement for a trip next month but hmmm..I’m not sure if I should stay long or leave now with him around. It would be such a relief if he’ll not accost me anymore. I decided to leave and if he’s the owner here, then I probably must stay away from that gym branch first. =( But I have to confirm so upon passing on him near the exit,

“Wala akong nakita eh. Discount huh? Are you the owner?” Geese, pardon the blunt inquiry.

“Secret. Basta, I work for ______ Advertising.” I wondered if that’s a modicum of humility in there.

His company. We’ll be working with them for a project in the next month or so. Aaarrgh!! There’s probably a less chance of encounter since his field is quite far from mine but you’ll never know. Now if only there’s a chance I could gain my discount and a nice representative of my company,

“KC, do you mind if I ask for your _____ number kasi I use _____ eh.” Well, if there’s one relevant fact about me, I’m the girl with many numbers! Believe me, my friends hate me for it! Haha!!

Credit goes to him for figuring out that my work entails having all network providers account. And you know what I did. Gave the correct one of course. Haha!!

So now my only problem is, how to deal with persistent calls????????? Aaaarrrgh!!!


Tisha said...

Ignore. The only reason they'll keep calling or texting is if they feel they're getting your attention.:)

Anonymous said...

I see..that's what I'm doing. :) Thanks for the advise Tish!


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. one of your best blogs yet!


Anonymous said...

haha Wil?? raelly?? why?? whats in it???


Anonymous said...

wala lang.. just the twist and turn at the end where YOU eventually had to give your real number.. haha
I've never seen someone get completely caught for a lie like that.

Hopefully you took advantaged of the 10% discount.

btw if he's still txting you and asking you out etc, ask him if it'd be all right if you can bring your fiance along to the dinner..
that'll stop him from contacting you. hehe