Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally! Lem's Tropicana :)

And there I was thinking that this TVC would be long forgotten (even if it was shot months ago) just because a young superstar was recently endorsing the same juice. :) But then came yesterday, waking up on an unusual 7 AM because of early commitments (see? this job has got me used to waking around 8 AM :P), I saw the ad while watching a morning show. :)

Parang hirap na hirap siya sa mga pics sa shoot noh?? Hahaha!!! :D

The ad was nice. Haha!! I've seen it twice but not the full TVC.

I was the first to upload the pics than him its because he's not at home now. He's currently staying in a hotel for the Mossimo contest. The last week in Bora was cancelled due to some heavy rain, I think there even was a storm. :P

Not knowing about the cancellation, last week I did some Googling on who emerged as the winners. I did land on some websites though with pics of the candidate and there was one particular website insinuating that he likes boys. Tsk, tsk! The price of fame. Well, bad write-ups like this should best be ignored. This is the reason why I didn't pursue this craft!! Wahahaha!!! As if!! Although Cathy always encourages me that I can also qualify. I really don't know what she sees in me. Haha!! And because of that, I'll never forget to mention her:

To Cathy, who always believes in me. LOL!!

But then, Lem also told me not to get our hopes high on this. He himself was quite not confident on winning. He said they were looking for some fresh face and his appearance on several TVCs might be a negative factor. But when I asked him why is he still joining, "Siyempre experience tsaka exposure. Yun lang naman mahalaga dun." Now that's the attitude. That's my brother and Lem for you. :)

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