Monday, May 18, 2009

Black Beauty

Hey everyone!! I’d like you to meet our newest bundle of joy. :)

Hihi. Well, it’s been months now and for sure we’ve mourned enough on the loss of our dear Choi Choi. :) Yes, similar to human relationships we also have the decency not to replace him immediately with a new puppy. That would just be so MEAN! Heck, some pet lovers even resign to adopting another kind of pet (some cat or any other domesticated animal) because the guilt is just too much for them to take. And now I wonder why some MEN. JUST. CAN’T. DO. THE SAME!! Hahaha!! Here I am taking stabs again at MEN! :P

Anyway on to the lighter side, we feel less guilt on our part because, get ready for this revelation!! It’s Choi Choi’s own BLOOD!! Yup! Many of my friends upon hearing this would elicit the same reaction I had when I found out. Like, who would’ve thought Choi Choi will leave something to us?? Awww…. You remember around December when our relatives from Bataan came here with their Shih Tzu pet?? Choi Choi was rather coy. Haha!! Even with Akiko so desperate for him. HA!

And another great thing here is………..IT’S A GIRL!!!! This I announce like that of a 3-month wife breaking the news to her husband right after the scan. HAHAHA!! Her name is Bettina. Well, the owner of Bettina’s mother was responsible for this. And I could simply tell it’s due to the localized Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty) TV series. * sigh * They think she’s ugly??? No way!! Well, even from a dark room I can’t tell where she is coz golly, she’s all black even her eyes! But she has these white marks in her paws that everyone refers to as medyas (socks). It’s cute. Hehehe.

Omigosh, she’s so teeny tiny!! Not sure if it’s because she’s just 2-month old but we’ve never had a puppy so tiny as her. At times I get scared when I get gigil at her because I’m afraid I might squeeze her too much and crush her. Haha!!

Two days yet in the household and I think she’s fully adjusted. When my Mom said the help already went to fetch her last Sunday, I stood by the door waiting for them to arrive. Desperate with a capital D. :P And we thought it was easy having her on the first day. I can still remember Choi Choi’s first day in our house. He was just so quiet. What can I say he’s a dog of few barks?? Translation: He’s a man of few words. HAHAHA!! But this one was different. She was already making harot and barking at everybody. Ang ingay!!! Oh my god, she REALLY is a GIRL!!! Hahaha!!!

Joy. Joy. Joy. So happy to go home every night with her around. =) But we still miss our Choi Choi. At times we think how he could’ve produced Betty, no similarities at all. :P

Now if I can squeeze this LBD into the topic, another reason why black is beautiful. Because you can just oomph it with a matching shoe and bag, say a faux snakeskin??? :P

Within the topic pa rin naman right?? Haha!! Anyway, if you'll excuse me. I have a new puppy to play with. :) *giggles*


Anonymous said...

for a minute there I thought you bought a bag, to stuff your dog in it. haha.


Anonymous said...

that would be cute...haha!! and uhm, that would be thoughtful of u to think as a gift...hahahaha!!!