Saturday, May 16, 2009

GG Season 1 Review

That being the title above doesn't really mean that I now have time to watch the second season. This week's been incredibly busy with work (what else?). Even with assistant in place (yehey to that!! :D), I'm not expecting less load in the next week or so. HELP!! T,T

But I don't wanna move forward without having a dare I say, a "tribute" to the fabulous dresses of season 1 so I dug my wardrobe for some of those I've seen which kinda reminded me of items that I have. Not that close, but still.

First, Serena's wedding dress. A quick Google search revealed that it's Ralph Lauren's.

What I love the most in here are the black accessories. Specially the hand gloves. Wish I could wear mine outside one day but for now I think it will have to be kept within the confines of my room. Haha!! Parang ang hirap kasi i-carry. :P I'm just preparing it for ehem, photoshoots, hahaha!! or better yet special events. :P
Uyyy, I'm slowly deviating from mirror shots!! Hahaha!! And take note, I'm doing poses na to which I find myself looking ???????? Hahaha!!!

Next is for Queen B. I lsuper super like her face. She's sooooooo pretty!! Her party crashing outfit here,

kinda reminded me of my butterfly velvet top. :P which hasn't been worn for sometime now. :(

Hehehe. So I expect more inspirational outfits in the next season. Now if only I could have the time. * sigh *


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