Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Factors/behaviors to make you conclude that the BFF (boyfriend of a friend, haha, it’s not the original BFF meaning :P) is a good for nothing and urgently need your action to help her see that: (Guys, take note!)

1. Doesn’t make an effort to have small talk with your friends.
2. Cranky driver. Overuses the car beeper with anyone/anything that gets on his way. (as observed)
3. Shouts at her girlfriend for being 5 minutes late and doesn’t even apologize when he’s guilty of tardiness. (as related)
4. Arrives to your meet-my-friends dinner about one hour late and comes with a stuffed toy gift that’s not even wrapped???? (Whatever happened to paper bag nowadays?)
5. Lastly, a guy about 3 years younger than her.

God, the tedious predictability of the above-mentioned!! Of course what do you expect in that guy so immature!! Okay, sorry for arriving at this conclusion. Yes, I believe there are certain exceptions. * Sigh *

But inspite of those, there I was, still being the hey-I’m-your-friend-whatever-makes-you-happy-I’ll support-you-on-it. Oh dear, why am I like this?? Of course, part of me thinks that you know she’s a big girl now and is capable of knowing what’s right or wrong and that no matter how I talk her out of it, she’s still in that loved-up cocoon where all she can feel is her own happiness. I’d happily fan the fire whenever possible but she have to come to that conclusion herself. And boy, was I glad she did! :P Whew! (* wipes a sweat from the forehead *)

So when she texted me and said she broke it off with him, I tell you the word relief doesn’t even come close. But when she followed it up with another SMS saying “Masakit ah!”, it occurred to me right then and there that as a friend, I was required to express some sort of support, however lame it might come across. But how?? Just exactly how can I emphatize?? God knows, I tried my best. But as I reviewed it, it was a very poor C performance. Hahaha!! But she’ll get through it I know. I just know. :P Having said that, it dawned on me.

Another friend of mine fell to this same kind of relationship: a guy about 5 years younger than her. And considering that I well, “almost” fell for the same type before and I swear if this thing also happens to another girlfriend of mine then I don’t know. It’s a domino effect! Just exactly when did Demi-Ashton/ Madonna-Brazilian boy couple become a trend?? Hahaha!! Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit on the age. But really?? Naasaaan nnaaa bbbaaa kkkaasssii aaannngg mmaaannngggaaa llaaalllaaakkkiiinnngg yyyaaaannnn??? Hahahaha!!! I don’t want to turn into something like a cougar someday. Hahaha!!

Here's to no more younger guys for BFFs, or God forbid, me. :P

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Anonymous said...

the oldest person i've ever slept with must have been 45 or 50.. it wasn't a relationship, or anything long lasting, but there's nothing wrong with it..
Guys get away with it all the time with sleeping with chicks half their age.. why can't girls?
Just go to greenbelt, and look at all the DOM's hanging out.


Anonymous said... comment..hahaha!!



Anonymous said...
a great movie for guys like me.. haha