Sunday, May 10, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

Riiiiggggggggghhhhhhttttt!!! Hahaha!!

KC and CJ (even with a boy in tow :P) were back to their old partying ways last Saturday. :P Haha!! Oooh, I'm loving Cat's original nickname. If there's B and S in Gossip Girl, then there's 2 letter name of ours. :P And here I am again living my TV obsession. Uh-oh! Haha!

There was us waiting for everybody in Friday's Trinoma. My first time in that mall. :P Wil, couz, I know you're soo goin to be disappointed hearing me say that. Haha!! But come and visit that on September, you're gonna love the shops there. :)

Then gym and badmin friends came:

Everbody went straight to Eastwood for a li'l bar-hopping. :P Why there?? Same as why we were in Trinoma. Connections. :P

We went for a quick visit first in Circa before we finally settled to the sounds in Manor. :P

haggards after dancing :P

Special thanks to Glenn for taking this picture and for keeping me company 'til morning in Starbucks and McDo. :P


Anonymous said...

I think I've been to that mall lol :D


I went purse shopping for a friend, and bought her a juciy bag.. tell me if you like it, or return it.

oh and tell your friend happy b-day!

Anonymous said...

you've been to it huh?? hahaha!!!

yup i like the bag!! but are there any other colors?? i like pink juicy couture bags!!

what happened to you?? busy???


Anonymous said...

work has been extremely busy.. :(
she already has a pink juicy and I'm worried she might actually have this one as well.. she's like you where 80% of her salary goes towards clothes, and bags. haha

I just saw your latest blog, and you seriously need to stop buying new clothes. At first I thought I was as bad as you, but you're on a whole other level as far as shopping lol. Get a gym membership where it's not located in the mall.. :D

oh and turns out I will be there a whole month w00t!

Anonymous said...

hahaha..was it really hard to find something for shopaholics like us?? i see, but i like the bag..if she already has that then might just give it to me..LOL!!! I don't have a juicy bag yet..:P

Well, I really have to stop shopping for SHOES!! i've lots of new ones that haven't been used yet.. *sigh*

wow, one month!! good!! :D make sure to plan everything..:)