Thursday, May 07, 2009

Special Skirts

Special indeed and yet I made a total so-so out of them. Ha! Let me tell you why first.

Gallery A skirt is really something coz it's the FIRST, as in first, item that I bought with my first payday. :D And that was some x years ago. Haha! The rest of the purchases may all seem a bit of a blur to me but that will never be forgotten. :P I got it from Sari-sari. In the many times that I do tidying up and filtering of wardrobe (can you imagine I'm really doing this??), I've argued many times to myself of letting it go but I just simply can't. So-so according to a friend, she's not liking the printed to printed matching. Howell.

Gallery B skirt is something purchased recently, a 50-offer in DP. I'm loving the pleat something it has that kind of enhances the hips. And you're very aware of my sentiments towards skirts/dresses or anything that can give that magic. Haha!! I didn't have to consult my friends to tell me that it's so-so. Err, I didn't know also since when did that yellow top of mine from Maldita become the universal top for tuck-ins. Haha!

But hey, they're something "give it a go" for some "gotta run" situation. It's like those "oh-no-I've-tried-3-outfits-already-and-I'm-15-mins-late-and-if-I'm-still-gonna-change-to-another-one-I'll-be-screwed" days like that. :P Sigh. With all the workload lately, I think I'm gonna have to stick to tried and tested ones first before experimenting.

Anyway, I also wanna share some very new addiction lately. You can tell from photo below.

Hehe. All because of Blair Waldorf. :P Sorry naman, I'm such a late bloomer to Gossip Girl. I've been trying to scoot some really nice headdresses in the stores lately and I think it's a good thing since I've always been that kind of girl who never really styles up her hair. For a change lang. :) But lately, I've been receiving a lot of compliments in the gym how they're sooo loving my hair especially how it bounces back after some crazy dance moves. Haha! Little did they know I was exaggerating it. Hahaha!! You gotta love 'em gays. :P

So I just finished Season 1 and can't start on the second coz of all the work. Great! No time for dressing up experimentation and watching DVDs. Just bloody great! Haha!! But hey, who's complaining?? I love my job. And this not saying just because boss might be reading this (uh, hi boss! :D). Really, I do. :)

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