Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KL Day1b: The Blog Viewer and The Twin Towers

Whenever I stalk my own blog, I can’t help but wonder who are the viewers I see in this Maploco feature I installed. Seeing it display different locations and countries can be quite flattering and creepy at the same time. Yay! Nothing, I just wished some regulars would drop a line or link their own sites if possible and not just lurk as would have been stated in my unpublished rule of blog reading! LOL!

 So when I went to KL, I think I got the answer as to who is this mysterious viewer of mine in that country – Ate Lisa! Haha! Hence, the pressure on writing this travelogue. Hahaha!! Funny how Ate Lisa & I were never really close friends in the congregation. We have different set of friends and rarely utter the usual his or hellos to each other. :P Still I plucked up the courage to send her a message in FB just to ask for her opinion on the hostel I was planning to reserve when she graciously offered her space, I wasn’t able to resist it. :P

 So when she was asking some news about the people we know back home and then some personal stuff, I was surprised to learn that she has some “additional” information, which cannot be attributed to facebook alone. Yaaaaaayy!! That’s how I confirmed that she sometimes visit this blogspot site. Blame it on her unlimited data plan with, was it Maxis? I already forgot, hahaha!! Yaaaaaaaaayy again! :P

 Ate Lisa assured me that she’ll be my tour guide in KL and even cancelled a company event during the weekend just so she can accompany me. Yay! :”> ‘Twas so nice of her. Since it was already almost 6 PM when I reached her apartment, we went out to have dinner at KLCC and at the same time discuss my itinerary. The said Suria KLCC is just a bus away from her place and not for long, I was already beholding this city’s prominent landmark: the Petronas Towers. Such beautiful skyscrapers! Having a picture taken with them is of course one of the main goal for this trip but we have to satiate our body needs first. The said shopping center can be found at the basement of the twin structures and we opted for this Little Penang Kafe found at the 4th floor of the mall. So without further ado, here’s me and Ate Lisa in this pic with the perfect caption, “Legs kung Legs”. Hahaha!!

Of course, KLCC experience wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t check the shops in there. High-end boutiques can be found on the first floor but what I was really looking forward to see is this:

A Vincci sale! And everybody’s going GAGA! Haha! As early as first day, I was already able to score some gray booties that I was eyeing sometime ago in their local stores here. Super marked down! :P I’m a happy shoe shopper, hahaha!!

By the time the mall closed, we went out to find the said structures come alive at night. WOW! Really, I can just stay down there forever gazing up in awe at the sheer size and majesty of the twin towers. And yes, I can stay forever there too just to get some good shots with that in the background. LOLs! Anyway, the one positive thing I found out about being with a blog reader is how that person is already acquainted with some of your uhmm passions namely: cam whoring. Hahaha!!

And there was me again, playing Mini Mini My Nemo on the point and shoot.  Sheeesh! Major BOO!  Anyway, more on the said famous tower will be explored on the next day.


Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader, and I lurk :D

btw Casey when you tweeted about forever21 recently and I was actually in their flag ship store in manhattan recently.. 5 floors of shopping space :D .. I think I have a video of it somewhere.. sobrang cheap ang shop.. just not my style :D

Oh and about my status update on my fb.. I worked 9 days in a row without a day off averaging 11 hrs a day with barely any breaks.. (I hate inventory week) I was just fed up, and had to rant lol..


CaseyCakes said...

what r u doing in a forever21 shop in manhattan? haha! but on that note, WOW! 5 FLOORS!! They have a lot of items to offer so you can mix and match a lot! :D I didn't particularly love all the clothes but still they're sooo cheap..

oh..atleast it's already over..and atleast you have someone to share your rants with..yeeeeehaaaa!!! hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

I was following my friend to Forever21.. The clientele were way too young for my taste.. lols..

btw LOL at your second comment..