Monday, July 26, 2010

Forever21 Fab Find

Tardy.  This will be my rating should one real fashionista evaluate me on this recent Forever21 madness that hit Manila.  There I was learning about the news from some bloggers, broadcasting to friends and then passively waiting for their feedbacks.  :P  Megamall isn't quite an accessible place for me, that's why.

The first time I visited the shop was 2 days before I went to SG (2 weeks after the opening) and I didn't have the luxury of time to explore the 27,000 square foot store!  It's absolutely HUGE and I almost cried that I had to prioritize some TLC for my nails.  LOL!

Anyway, another week later and I was back with my friend Joy. :)  With that retail store so big, it's fun to play hide and seek with friends.  Haha!  In fact, I think the better opening when you go inside the shop is, "Let the quest begin."  Haha!  So for my fab find, here it is:

A TUTU SKIRT!  Hihihi. And you thought it was floral???  Hahaha!!  It's not the typical trend you'd expect I'll blog about.  But seriously, I've been searching for this kind of skirt for so long.  And as usual, I was excited to wear it. :P

Back view:

Mannequin pose. :P

Worn with Zara lace top and PRP gladiator shoes.  Here's my last shot. :P  This pic just made me look like I'm a few inches short of our ceiling's height. :P

Sorry.  Just went heavy with the pics there. :P  I just like the skirt so much. :P

Funny also whenever I think of this store, I remember this line from a chorus, "Forever young, I wanna be forever young."  Weird. :))

Last shot would have to be my hang-out with Joy last Friday: Forever21 and Red Mango. :)  Welcome to Fitness First Joy!  Haha! :P

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