Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Single Diaries 1

Sigh. Here we go again. This is my own version of the re-post I made two weeks ago here. The Life of Single KC. In the past I remember listing down in my notebook (a temporary journal) some noteworthy instances and intended to collate them all in a single post. But as it happens, there’s really no way for me to compile them all in just one sitting. And so, I decided to name this series, The Single Diaries. Version will be increased as soon as new stories come in place.

The Wedding.

One very fine Sunday, I was surprised to see my female cousin in the church. Nobody told me she’s having a month-long vacation from her work in UAE but all the same I was very happy to see her. She’s the only girl cousin of about my age in the mother’s side and we quite bonded a lot when we were young. Uttered a few como stas and talked about the wedding preps. Surprise, surprise! The fiancĂ© was there too. It was a very jovial moment seeing him for the first time, we even took pictures.

That night, family’s having dinner. Ayan na, ayan na. Haha! Aaaand of course! Discussion about the wedding will not be an exception considering I was chosen as the maid of honor. This kind of topic to me is fine, REALLY, only until my mother dropped these words:

Mama: “Sino kaya ang susunod?” (I wonder who will be next??)
 Which is BAD. REAL BAD. In all fairness to my mother, I understand where she’s coming from. I mean of course, parents would love to see their children settling down you know that kind of thing. And I exactly know one person who can relate to what I’m saying, WIL!!! Hahaha!! (Wait, because you don’t want me announcing it in your facebook for all your friends to hear, then I’m shouting it out here for the entire world to hear, congratulations on your new relationship status!! WOOHOO!! Hahahaha!!!)

Sorry I got distracted there, but my point is the question is all sorts of wrong. It’s insensitive in a way because (1) Geese Ma, Tita Prescy is here with us in the table. My favorite aunt in the whole world, who happens to be an old maid. See? It runs in the family. At her age, she might have accepted her fate already but still, it’s every girl’s dream of getting married. And (2) WOW, look at your one and only daughter. You’re beautiful precious daughter sitting there at the right side of your table. Having no boyfriend for 6 years now, YES! INDEED! She’s more likely to be the next one to wed! How happy is that?? Nothing like an added pressure to an already stressful pursuit! * major eyeroll *

LOLs! The question did set me into such an uncomfortable and mildly irritated state. And since no one in the table dared answer her, I decided to just spin some humor into it. Wittily, I replied:

Me: E di shempre, yung makakasalo ng bouquet! (Of course, the one who will catch the bouquet!)

Hahaha!! Actually we don’t really believe in this kind of tradition, it’s just me finding a way to be relieved in the added pressure of being NEXT. Then deftly I shifted off the topic into something worth talking about. Something where I could gladly participate into without feeling strain or anything like that, for fear of me having an upset stomach because of indigestion. :P

Anyhoo, here’s a photo of me and my cousin Ate Elai.:) Yes, I’m already sporting my bangs here so this is just a recent happening.

The Ex- CRUSH and why Twitter comes very handy

I actually have more stories but for fear that the first one already took so much of your time, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Something like, twitter posts! Yihee! Hahaha!! Anyway, this is also very recent. Very fresh. Err, like a happening just an hour ago?? The gist is, the ex-crush sent a friend request in FB. And in times like this, like uhmm 2 AM in the morning where you don’t have someone to share the excitement and frustration with, this is what a single woman DO in a state of panic.

Chronological posting is from the bottom upwards. :P

Twitter.  I love you.  P.S.  Follow me, haha!

More single diaries to come! :))

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