Wednesday, July 21, 2010

KL Day1a: Elusive KL

K.L. Funny how this city once felt so elusive to me because I’ve initially been to other places in this country: Melaka and Kota Kinabalu. And let us also not forget during the cruise when the ship stopped at Pork Klang but us Telco people did not disembark. Boo! :P But of course the wanderlust in me simply knew that I must see it. It’s a wonderful city. And the quest ended when I found this 943.40 peso flight via AirAsia. Purr-fect! :)

Early this year. So this trip was planned way way ahead. Meaning, this is supposed to be the first out of the country trip that I’m gonna succeed alone. But of course you all know what happened when the India business trip came unexpectedly. :)

To be honest, I wasn’t that keen on going about 2 or 3 days before the flight. Again, you were all updated what happened right after I returned and I can feel that the “work issues” were already there that time, just lurking underneath and waiting to blow-up. Argh! But leaves are leaves. So precious, you only get them about 2 weeks total in a year and so off I must consume ‘em. :P

Because. I thought I was Superwoman. Of course I have my significant other (aka work laptop) with me, which was the reason why I declared leave on a Friday and yet I was still working in DMIA, Clarke until about 10 mins before my flight. Sweet life! :P For as long as I have it, I knew I’ll manage.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. When the attendants announced that we’d be touching down in a short while, I was surprised to see the view at my window.

Green. This is soooooooooooo green! I can’t see any signs of urban life. You know, the polluted air, the skyscrapers etc. Is this really it?? For a moment, it had me doubting if I was in the correct flight, silly me. Haha!

Forget. I temporarily forgotten about that observation when I realized I had not written down the address of my accommodation I had to make an SMS. I was filling out the immigration form when someone approached me and again, mistaken me for a Malaysian this time. But in all fairness to him, he asked me first. In English. No offense taken. :)

Shocked. I hesitated taking the airport taxi at first because of the ridiculous price and thought of some alternative means. Whack. What do I know about KL? LOL! Besides, it’s about more than an hour travel so I resigned myself to the backside of the cab (which took me a long time to find) for a looong travel. Can’t sleep in the cab now, don’t think it’s that safe.

The highway. It reminded me of the land travel I did with Joy going to Melaka from SG. It still gives me the same feeling as though I’m just traveling along our very own NLEX or SLEX because of the similarity of the sight. But once inside the city proper, it’s impossible not to be reminded of Singapore.

Ate Lisa’s place in KL is somewhere in Jalan Munshi Abdullah. Ate Lisa who? Haha! Tell you more about her in the next. But I’m sooooooo loving her place! This is where I stayed. Haha, ate Lisa I hope you don’t feel as though your privacy is invaded. :P

This view just made me want to own my place too!  More stories on the next.  Whew, this one took so long to write.  Haha!  You'll know why in the next. :P

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