Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Special Trip to San Pablo

For Mark DJ's Fans Day.  Hahaha!  Our college friends Ali & Fe are back for a month long vacation from their work in Dubai & Rome respectively.  With the local group almost complete, we all decided to make a trip all the way to San Pablo Laguna last Saturday to visit our still recuperating friend Mark DJ! :)

It is indeed very good to hear about his improvements, he can now stand with the help of his therapist for about 30 mins. :)  Way to go Mark, it's not gonna be long when you'll ditch the wheelchair and join the Kaladkarins in their adventure.  Haha! =D

To make the visit more fun, our photographer friend Bong set-up his photobooth in Mark's room so we can all have our group photo taken and show the pics to our friends in SG, Canada and US to make them jealous. :P

It's just too he didn't inform me of the plan.  I could've brought some props!!!  There are a lot of things in my room that would be fun for this (first that comes to mind is my masquerade sunglasses acquired from BKK)!  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Oh well, there's always a next time. :)

So from raw pix like these,

Came these,

Don't you just love photobooths?  Haha! :D

And oh yeah there's a little girl there, Moira, cute daughter of AJ & Biyo. Haha! :D

It was hard not to be moved with quite an emotional farewell (specially for Ali & Fe) when we finally had to leave around 7PM knowing that it will take again some time before we see him again.   But as promised to you and your mom, we will be back.  Just continue to work on that therapy and keep the faith, we'll see you soon.  =)

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