Wednesday, August 04, 2010

KL Day2a: The Queue & The Morning View

630 AM. You’ll never hardly see me awake at this time of the morning in my ordinary days. But then again, this isn’t any ordinary day. It’s day 2 in KL!! =) And thanks to Ate Lisa, I have the chance to be in that Skybridge tower today. Sheesh, I’m an indolent tourist – didn’t do any research for this trip. =P

Well the thing is if you wanna set foot in that bridge up above, the “hand” that links the two lovers (as they call it in that movie, which I didn’t see btw haha!) you have to line up around 6 AM somewhere at the tower’s basement. And at nearly 7 PM with still no shower (TMI, TMI, haha!), this is the queue that greeted us:

We were still lucky to have been admitted coz I believe there's a limit of 800 per day. The Skybridge visit has certain slots into it with 15 mins interval each and can only accommodate a number of people for a certain batch. You will also notice that some of ‘em still have their trolleys or backpacks with them since some came straight from the airport. From the mix of tourists in the queue you will find quite a handful of delish men that had got us wondering about their origins (wild guesses typically Israelis or European, yay!). They made the waiting in line uhmm just a bit of an all right, I can say. (Bit of an all right mo mukha mo, hahaha!!!) Okay fine, I admit there's one dreamy guy and I nearly stalked which time slot they'll take secretly hoped we'd belong in the same batch so I can see him again.  Happy now? Hahaha!!! Also, from the horde, it’s really hard to pass up on a bunch of beauties such as the one below:

BWAHAHA!! I kid, I kid.

When we finally got our tickets, we headed to a small fastfood in the corner that sells some dainties. Chattering away at different kinds of stories, I’m really surprised I can talk to Ate Lisa about anything. =)

By the time we finished breakfast, the summer sun had begun to shine. But I like the weather in here, it’s summer but it’s not a microwave oven that Manila is at this time. :P Ate Lisa decided I have a look at the attractions surrounding the majestic towers. Stretching out of it is a beautifully landscaped park that has a jogging track, walking paths, water fountain and a pool for children. Yep, I really saw the last two in the said park. I mean, where in the PH can you find a FREE KIDDIE POOL and FREE DRINKING WATER?? WHERE?? I really took a closer look myself when I heard about the free pool.

kiddie pool
water station

Looking at the spick and span park itself, it’s conclusive how disciplined the citizens are here. They simply do not exploit the amenities and they maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. I love it here. :D And I’d rather not verbalize the scenario I imagined once a similar pool is put up somewhere like let’s say Rizal Park here or somewhere else. =(

In the park is a mini bridge that gives you another angle for picture taking of the Petronas towers. I look up and there it is, adding up a certain beauty in the skyline. The stainless steel and glass combination is gleaming in that morning time. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired looking at it. It is aesthetically very pleasing. =) And it’s time for my morning pose with it.

According to Ate Lisa, to be fair, she will show me also the ugly side of KL. We usually take taxis on our way back from KLCC but this time we took the MTR (yey!!) and alighted after what seemed like 1 or 2 stations (I forgot, my bad!). What I saw wasn’t really that bad, well the place is like a commercial center something like a Chinatown in Singapore with bazaars and the like then passed through some Indian communities. But it was still oh-kay. =)

Then very shortly we reached back Ate Lisa’s apartment to prepare for our Skybridge visit at 230 PM. =)

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