Friday, August 06, 2010


As though I haven’t got enough clothes of my own, I still like raiding my brother’s closet and going through each and every item and checking out which ones can I use. =P Call it discontent or experimental on my part, I’d rather you choose the latter. Haha!

And so the first time that I was really inspired to dress up some men’s clothes was Nov of ’08. I was walking along Megamall when I saw this gay who looks so (err, can I use this term? Haha!) dapper in his plaid top, which was on the rage during that time. And as if on a sudden whim, I decided to look up for that top too! The black-white-gray combo.

Now I’m sure you’re all familiar of this favorite top of mine and you’ve seen me brought it to SG, Kota & BKK. Didn’t you know that this is from men’s items? I got it from Topman! Haha!

My brother sometimes buys from Topman but he doesn’t have that specific plaid print. I was okay if he’d borrow that top but I guess it’s not much of his color. :P And it’s just a small exchange for the many items I’ve been borrowing from him: hats, tops, blazers, vests, accessories, etc. Haha!! So below would showcase some of the items from him I’ve been wearing recently (features some new dresses too ;). My most favorite of which is this acid blue top from Topshop which I wore to Laguna last Saturday.

Worn with a Warehouse tank top, Mango jeggings and CnK flats, I'm liking the over-all get-up so much.  It's sooo laidback, just perfect for the rural trip last weekend.  And can I just say, good thing no one from my college friends were guessing about what I'd wear! LOL!
Funny also that white peep-toe flats, I bought them over a year ago and used only once or twice because it felt too tight on my feet then.  Before my recent SG trip, I did some shoe cleaning and I rediscovered (yes, that's the term.  lol!) in their shoebox, I brought it with me for the trip and since then been wearing them a lot.  It fits comfortable and snug by now.  There are shoes like that noh??
If you're not interested in the next pics, I'll be trying out the insert jump break for this post, yeba!  Haha!!

Next is my brother's blazer (so no, I shall not call it a BF blazer :P), worn with my red Warehouse dress I got on sale which I chose to accessorize with BLUE! ;)

It's too big for me, yes. Haha! But it was worn for just a short while. My current bf blazer doesn't fit too well in that so I had to try my brother's. :P

Speaking of bf blazer, the last time I was in Forever21 shop I found a really nice one with a reasonable price. Thinking that they still have a lot of that item, I left to do a 1 hr dance class in the gym only to find out after that the blazer is GONE! GONE! Exag!! Haha!
Next is a gray maxi dress I got from MNG during the mid-year sale. :P  Style is the same as my yellow-purple maxi, but I love maxi dresses it doesn't matter. :P  Accessorized it with my brother's vest and hat and of course, my fenk na fenk items! Haha!

Jump break is soooooo COOL!  Haha!  Happy weekend you guys! :D


Sydney at PetiteGorgeous said...

I like the red dress and the blue shoes!

CaseyCakes said...

thank you! :)

Tisha said...

I spoke with someone from Forever21 (brand manager? Er, something like that) before and she said the stuff on the racks are their entire stock, and everything sells really quickly. So if you see something you like, buy it!:)