Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Xie's Despedi

About time I may say...

It's been years already since she and hubby got married with the crazy set-up of her living here and Mark working in SG.  Now she's making the BIG move and even if it means another one from the group will leave us here, well we have no choice but be supportive. 

So from the last "almost" complete gathering I arranged at Hi Street almost 3 years ago with about 15 attendees,  these are the only people left.  The last ones standing, lols!

Me, Bong, Joan & Dolph

Aaaah, to be able to unwind....

Funny while waiting for me at the terminal that will take us to Bacoor Cavite last Friday (still the fashionably late friend, lol!), I was told that the three were talking betting on what I was wearing.  Last time they were taken aback when I showed up in the hospital in shorts.  Haha!  So one guessed shorts, the other a dress.  Funny!!  :D 

Well atleast it's a dressdown day for me and I just accessorized my outfit with a JT hat.  Not MJ okay, I heard a lot of comments saying the name of the King of Pop.  It's JT-inspired.  JT!! Okay?  Haha!  I borrowed it from my brother, he has about 4 different prints of that hat.  He's also got other stuffs that I'm toying to use one day - some shirts, vests and blazers.  :P  It's been a while since I last experimented on outfits.  So busy lately.  Sigh.

Before I talk about Xiela, I'd love to feature another thing I always look forward to seeing in Camaclang's residence in Cavite, Phoebe Cottonball!!  Weeee!!!  Yes, she has a surname.  Cottonball.  Hahaha!!  Look at her, she's sooooooooooo STUFFED!!

KC: Xiela pag diet-in nyo naman tong si Phoebe.(Xiela, Phoebe needs to go on a diet).
Xiela:  Paano? (How?)
KC:  Uhmm, marathon?


So here's us with Mrs Despedida Girl, hehe...

with Xiela

She's getting bigger and bigger. LOL! Peace Xie! :P My co-twin tower in our block in college, us two were the only giant girls in B102 section.  Haha!  There's no denying I was the apple of the eye of our classmates back then (lol!) but look who got married first.  :P  Okay, end of topic.  Not gonna launch on yet another "being single" debacle.  Haha!

Speaking of singles, you're gonna see more of the other singles in my future posts.  "Us four" (Me, Bong, Dolph & Joan) planned already some local and int'l trips in the coming months.  So Xiela, you're not gonna be so much missed.  Coz the "funtastic four" (I hope it's not too corny, haha!) will visit you in SG next month.  See??  That's how sweet we are!!  Haha!!

Universal Studios SG!!  I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

And here's to hoping I finish my KL travelogue before that day comes!  LOLs!

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