Sunday, June 27, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day3b: Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall 2

After exiting the 3rd gallery: Remarkable Entertainments, I was led to another room for the Sight-Seeing Highlights of BKK. It's supposed to be the last feature but I believe the next is not yet available. On the way to the said room, you will notice this:

It’s the whole view of the Loha Prasat (Metal Castle) area which I didn’t know how to take a photo of standing from the ground because of (a) lack of knowledge of using the DSLR and (b) hesitation to find a decent angle to cover the whole place under the heat. :P

But since, I have another video of the Sight-seeing highlights, I shall put it last. Next thing features the Renowned Ceremonies. This gallery just reinforced one thing I already knew about Thailand – they have a lot of holidays!! As in! I remember, J told me (J again! :P) that he and my other Thai colleagues had to sit down one time to discuss which holidays can be officially declared to the company. First, I was asked to watch a King’s coronation in a cinema like hall. Then next I was led to a very comfortable couch with remote controls and LCD screens above (sooo high-tech!) to watch different royal ceremonies again. Next hall is a gallery of the royal family.

They have different sacrificial offerings to different deities, barge processions for the monks and how to properly do it, even the Royal Ploughing Ceremony! Wah, so many lah! Haha! There’s too many to take note of, even how the White Elephant was viewed as the majestic symbol of Sovereignty. Aaaaahhh!!! *nods as if finally understanding*  LOL!

5th gallery: Graceful architectures. Features the changes per era of the architectural styles of palaces, temples and even houses in Rattanakosin. Uhm, at this point I was already not focusing because it’s nearing 12 noon. Haha! Not much to share. :P

6th gallery: Impressive Communities gives you a walkthrough of the old communities of Rattanakosin to witness the lifestyle of the people during that era. I had so much fun in here. First there are touch screen PCs that will take you to the communities (Ď‹ber-cool) and at one point, there’s a screen that’s so interactive you’re gonna have to paddle (for those in the riverside), drive through or ride through a horse to take you to places. FUN!

Last: Sight-seeing Highlights. This will take you the different popular tourist attractions. I was first taken a photo during this antique booth. And then………..

Ultimately, this gallery showed me all the things that I missed during the visit from architectural sites, public parks, different museums, food and shopping and sparkling nightlife.  Each category has their own touch screen PC too for your personal information just like shown below.  The girl is my very kind tour guide. :)

It was past almost 12 noon when I left the exhibition hall.  All in all it was a very amusing and informative experience, I really learned a lot.  Too bad I wasn't able to grasp everything.  Yessss, may ganon?  Haha!  I walked away with a resolute determination to come back here and try all the other things I saw in the Sight-seeing highlight - this time wishing there will be a company already.  :P

P.S. Thanks to the increasing youtube subscribers although I don't really know what they see in my videos, LOLs!

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