Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Just like everybody else, I always pick the window seat during flights.  This is because I like taking pictures through the plane's window.  When the plane was about to touchdown Thailand for the stopover to India, I took this photo:

The first thing I did right after meeting Nam in the boarding area is to produce my camera and show him this.  I wanna know what is that thing.  I can still remember I didn't even bother to put on my leopard skinny belt first that time before asking (remember, I was in a hurry because of my wrong time estimate XD).  Haha!  He told me it's the Chao Praya River. 

WOW.  Doesn't ring a bell.  Toinks.  Haha!  I mean if this is such a legendary river then this must've been discussed in my history classes or something.  Hehe.  Wala lang, I can't remember.  :P From the picture, you can see that it indeed runs through the city of Bangkok.  Amazing.  Haha!  According to uhmmm J, there are dinner cruises offered along this river.  Sounds romantic fun!  And yeah, it's one of the things I missed for during this trip.

Another thing,

Thai food.  While it's true you can always have a taste of Thai food everywhere (I mean geese, I super enjoyed the Pad Thai with my date two Saturdays ago at Banana Leaf  :P), it's still different trying it out in that very country.  Sad.  Hence the reason, MUST.COME.BACK.TO.BKK!  Lol!

Lastly, the Grand Palace

I just heard a friend a while ago say that you'll get tired seeing it because of its too many temples blah blah blah, but I think I won't specially after visiting the Rattanakosin exhibition hall.  You'll appreciate it in a different level.  Meeeeeeeh ganon??  Hahaha!!!

And besides, I'll come back there for photography that's why I chose the picture above.  Wushu, there goes me again talking about taking photograpy seriously and all that shiz.  Haha!  Okay, if you want, then I'll visit the Grand Palace and explain everything about the structures its meaning and significance and the history of architecture.  Ms-Know-it-All giving the tour guide a run for his own money???  Hahaha!!! :))

Anyways, photo-ops didn't end in the city, had some in the airport too:

And just to show you how notorious the shopping at Chatuchak was, look at my handcarry items: =)) 

Very chic KC, very chic!  Bwahaha!!!

This officially wraps up my BKK travelogue, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed the whole trip. :)

Finally, I can start working on the KL one but I'm going to blog about the weekend event first. :)

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