Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Love My Friends!!

Last night was one of the happiest of my life. For some long months of barely seeing and communicating with each other, me and my college friends met up for Bong's welcome back/bday bash.

As an organizer, I felt quite accomplished for the turn up of attendance. It was an awesome 16 headcount (sans Louie, Joyce, Joanne and GB). I would like to commend everybody's efforts for coming. Of course, the night won't be complete without the call from friends overseas (Herbert and Mark). We had a BLAST!!!

In gatherings like this, it's quite expected to notice something new from someone. There's Wen in her gray contact lens, Bong in his new 'do, Ruth's news on leaving for Armenia (with everybody's initial reaction, "San yun?"), May-R's surprise turn -up and Froi's new gf (the mention of which might get some of my readers slightly taken aback).

But I think the highlight of the evening (aside from my outfit, haha!) was the clarification of rumors that came straight from Saudi Arabia to Philippines and bounced back to Singapore and Canada, haha! Ruth is not preggy as what most of us suspected and to my utter disappointment, there's no one getting married yet, haha!!

It's such a bliss simply just being with them and acting like how we used to act way back in college. It's more than just unwhining from work. If it's not for a Tuesday night, the dinner would've probably went straight into an overnight!! That's how much we can't get enough of each other! I missed them so much, REALLY!!!!

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