Monday, July 16, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Some more highlight on last week:

1. My first Korean dining with foreign counterparts in Makati Ave. Ok, it has to be said, I don't know how to use chopsticks but I had to learn it the whole night. Else, I will be forced to consume fast the only edible food served in our table, BEEF!!

2. Lem got qualified for Cosmo's 69 Bachelor. The photo shoot was held last Thursday @ Eco Park. I can't wait for the party with the hunks! Yay! Haha!

3. Meteor Garden is back! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! Every 6 PM, I find myself in the office's pantry having my 30-mins merienda. Funny! I'm still not over Vaness Wu. Hehe.

4. What's up with these new testimonials in Friendster coming from ex-officemates? How about being referred to as sophisticated, being true and BIG HEART?? I'm totally bowled over. Guess, they're so missing me already. Ü

5. Never have I been asked out by a lot of guys in my lifetime. I wish I can be proud about it but I'm not. These are the most lax and slipshod invitations I've heard in my life. Goodness, where are the good men?

6. Mobile Blogging!! My 1st attempt was available at Multiply. Err, Mr. Blogger, can you please help me why I can't activate it in here? Instructions in the other are simpler you know.

7. My supposed to be Friday gimik with Lisa @ Prince of Jaipur turned into an overnight @ Kensington Place condo in Bonifacio High Street. Met new friends who turned out to be cousins of my brother's partner in one of his TV ads. Small world!

8. It's Martin Nievera's 25th anniversary @ ASAP yesterday and he was so emotional while the champions are singing his masterpieces. There's really nothing that can easily move me than a man in tears. Awww...

9. So far, last night was the best videoke performance of my life. Haha! I found the right combination for my voice to last long and that is by starting off with low-pitched acoustics. After some time I decided to stop but when I looked in our door some people are peeping to see the singer (fans? hehe). I got energized all the more. So here's the list of my concert pieces: Bizaare Love Triangle, Jealous, A Little Bit, How Did You Know, WIthout You, Take A Bow, Unbreak My Heart, Weak, Manila Girl, Let's Get Loud, Bakit, Luha, All This Time, Part of Your Word, Can You Read My Mind and A Very Special Love. Blimey! I don't think any singer would sing that many in her concert. Haha!!

10. Some forgotten to write down infos on last week's gathering @ The Fort. I know I'm the organizer but forgot to commend everybody's efforts in coming: some reported late for work, took a leave and some finished their work early. Thanks Guys! Here are some tiny confessions:

- That night, I was dying to have a picture taken with someone; and,
- That night on my way home, I kept praying that the cab I'm in wouldn't play some mushy songs 'coz I'm not sure how I'm gonna react. Yay!

OK, enough!!!


Nivek said...

So where is the Youtube of you singing?

kCNeSs said...

hi kevin! ac2ly, the original plan is to have my own CD with my song selections, haha! But if you want a video, I will make one soon, hehe..