Friday, July 20, 2007

kC's Picks for the Rainy Seasons

I can cite a lot of things as grounds for hating the RAIN. For instance, the 1st heavy downpour this year has got me stuck in the office in my white stilettos. I say, my white Charles and Keith stilettos. Last time was in my one-day old pristine white slim Havaianas. There's flood, mud, traffic, etcetera but I don't care. I love rainy days! Ü
It's silly! But I think the reason behind light and bouncy feelings during rainy days is because it was raining when I was born. Haha! Inspite of my being inquisitive, in my 23 years of existence in this world I haven't really asked my mom about it. I guess some things in this world are best left in a mystery.

So, straight to business. My picks for this rainy season are:
1. An űber-dependable umbrella-ella-ella-eh..hehe

My Esprit Umbrella, 50% off, a STEAL!

2. Well, believe it or not. I've known some females that consider bringing an umbrella a hassle (right Mae?). So this would do for them: HOODS!!


3. Rainy days will always keep you at chill. So, why not invest on some jackets? This one's a timely give-away in the office. I loved the color. I always make it a point that my sporty outfits are narrowed down to only combination of blue and white.

sporty jacket

4. A water-resist oversized bag to protect your stuffs.

be film-star like in this baggy from BAYO

And for the over-all effect, haha!

one friday dress-down attire

OK, I got the reaction. I know you're thinking it's a complete con. But let me argue. Hoods, check. Leggings and flats (that goes with the bag), cross. Sleeveless, questionable. But! The weather these days is unpredictable. I mean, it can be blazing hot in the morning and for all you know you'll leave the office in bone-chilling cold. So, my biggest excuse of all! It's OK because there's always room for other stuffs in my BAGGY bag! Haha. Jackets, rainy days toiletries (alcohol and tissues for the mud), everything! In fact, the more stuffed, the better effect! ;)
Rainy days once brought me to someone I loved. And it is the perfect season to cuddle up with that significant other. I would just like to reminisce on one unforgettable moment: there was this one time when my ex and I were walking amidst rain with an umbrella and one shared huge jacket (my arm on the left and his on the right.) Sweet yet funny! =)

this scenario would be perfect!

But for those happy and single like me, I think this would do for now:


coffee + nice background music to reminisce with (or wave 89.1's mix of songs)

Yeah, I think it would. It'll help us through..somehow! *sigh*

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