Sunday, June 20, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day3a: Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall 1

Brilliant! I mean really, why haven’t I thought of this before?? Isn’t it that this is what curious tourists do when they wanna know a foreign place? There’s no better way to learn about history than be in a museum. With only about 2 hours left for me to explore BKK, I decided this Sunday morning to check the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. And for a 100 Baht, I was in for a really good informative treat.

Rattanakoskin, according to my cheat sheet, is the former name of Thailand’s capital city. Trivia, trivia. Hey, you can use it for uhmmm, game shows. Hahaha! ‘Twas around 10AM when I reached the place and thought I could linger around for about an hour only. Instead the English-speaking staff told me that it would take a total of two hours to explore the seven galleries. I smiled and thought about 3 things: (1) how my things aren’t packed yet (2) my colleague Nam’s advice that I need to leave the hostel around 12 noon and (3) an excuse on how to get out on time. LOL!

When the tour proper started, I was asking myself a lot of questions. Like for example, when was the last time I’ve been to a museum?? Is it that modern and advanced like this one?? Do we ever have something like this in the PH??

The first gallery showcased a brief history of Thailand. Featuring the different progress and advancements the country has made, its no-brainer that we are really behind them. Why??? Guess you can figure.

The second gallery features everything about the kingdom and its precious heritage: The Royal Grand Palace and each and every architectural component that implies different values. WOW!! Of course, there must be certain meaning to those gables, door and window frames, spires, everything! They represent different things and purposes. Amazing isn’t it?? At that juncture all I can think of is if these things are taught in Thai’s history subjects (definitely right?) and I thought about how hard it is for them to memorize those meanings in their exams. Hahaha!!

Here is an example:

And here is a scaled model of the Grand Palace. Seeing it made me feel all fascinated and depressed at the same time. Sigh, there’s no more time to see for myself the Palace! :(

Btw, J (must J be really mentioned in each and every blog?? lol!) warned me about the dress code if you’re visiting the King’s residence. Uhmm, nothing above the knee clothing will be allowed inside the Palace. Hehehe. ;-) And I think nothing in my currently packed BKK wardrobe will suit the requirement, haha! Well, there were those worn at India that will pass, but needs to undergo laundry first. :P Guess I shall just come back for it. For now, it is time to learn more about the different courts, halls and temples within it.

There’s so so so much information to grasp, which I don’t have much time to focus on sadly. And add to it, not much time to take pics also. Hahaha!! But the staffs are really great, so accomodating and they tried their best to satisfy my questions in as much as they can. =)

Next one features the Remarkable Entertainments. In here, you’ll get to see various kinds of performing arts that Thais do. There are shadow plays, masked performace, classical plays and puppet shows. Thailand is indeed very rich when it comes to arts.

I was taken into this room where I have a 360 view of how ancient dances have evolved through time. It’s a 2-min vid, which I thought of doing a cameo in the end because I feel like an investigative reporter or something, hahaha!!! Or maybe really I’m such a frustrated VJ. Hahaha!!

I’m sorry about the lighting, I wasn’t visible also in the end. Heck, I can’t even understand also what I said. Hahaha!! See? Frustrated VJ! Hahaha!!!
This is another interesting aspect of their arts, the different Khon Masks. And it was also fun trying to control a Thai rod puppet. Who knew you could also enjoy in a museum?? :P

I shall continue about the Exhibition Hall in the next post. ;-) Btw, you can check the Noida and BKK albums in here and here. :D

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