Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So, I left work for 2 days and all of a sudden THINGS GOT CRAZY!!

Actually, scrub that. I was working Friday 'til my noontime flight and I checked my mails Monday evening --- 105 emails! 105 emails for a day and a half leave!!


My boss receives an average of 200 mails per day. So now what am I boss or something?? LOL!

It's funny how I still can make fun of things like this when at times, I already feel this close to breaking down during office hours.

It's a fiasco and I am SCREWED. Totally. Utterly. Fabulously. And for some, they often refer to it as this, "SH*T Happens!"

So I'll work on this mess first before my work - the only pursuit that bounds my self-esteem into a tight sturdy package - be gone in an instant. That about explains the slowdown.

Weird. Things may be ugly but atleast someone's making me smile these days. Yihee!! And this mood lifter song too, I feel like sharing to you. It's the newest addition to Retro class, another oldies song that instantly became a fave of mine. Can't understand a thing though, but just like the comments in Youtube, ADOROOOOO too!! Hahaha!! Insert Dory of Finding Nemo here saying, "I wish I could speak French." Ayy, Wales pala yung kanya. :))
Until the glitches are ALL fixed. Pray for me guys. (-,-)


PetiteGorgeous said...

Just found your blog today. Looking forward to read your future posts!

Anonymous said...

thank you..will do it soon.. =)