Friday, June 11, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day2e: Khao San Road

Thankfully, I was just once again being a paranoid. Haha! The army troop in motorcycles and vans that are taking the direction back to my hostel were just returning from their assembly in Chatuchak market. I’m not entirely sure if they reside in the Grand Place but it’s pretty much where they headed and not to a new protest area. Good lord, what was I thinking?? :P

At the back of the Democracy Monument if viewed from my hostel street is a very popular sign, McDonalds. Really, what is it with this fast-food? It seems like this will always be safe option no matter which country I go (well, we were this close to resorting to this food in Noida during one stop-over on the way to the airport on our last day). Of course it will always be good to try authentic Thai cuisine but I don’t want to make an experiment alone.

All of a sudden I realized that I’m hungry. My last full meal was the hotel’s brekky. I crossed the highway and entered the store. I was very much hopeful to have a taste of my favorite Sausage McMuffin meal, but sadly unlike in HK & Macau, they don’t offer it 24-7. Boo!

For many people, it is a big deal eating alone. I heard some say that they can watch movies alone but they will NEVER EVER eat in a restaurant alone like it’s a very pathetic thing to do. Well good news, I’ve done both. :P I’ve no qualms whatsoever doing it, but it was only that time when I realized the repercussions of doing such on a late night.

Well, nothing really bad happened. But there’s this old bald guy seated from a far that gave me a nod before I picked my seat. Well I, for certain, know his type and his intentions. And for as long as I ignore him, I know I’m safe. It took time for me to finish my cheeseburger meal (coz I was having regrets doing pilates a while ago and now gaining the calories I just burned, haha) and was just immensely enjoying my time alone, reviewing the pictures and playing on the DSLR. After some time, I decided to call it a night and go back.

Turns out he was waiting outside the restaurant. I was making my way back when he approached me and made some small talk. Good lord, in my stripes H&M dress and a DSLR hanging around my neck, I certainly don’t look like a whore I reminded myself. What does he want???

“Hey, excuse me, are you a futu-grapher?” He asked in a deep voice and in an accent I can’t exactly place.

Aaah, a photographer. Maybe he thinks that I’m an artist and you know, ready to experiment??? Aaaack! Kristina Cassandra, what are you getting into??? I replied to him with no and briskly walked away. And he was following me saying that we can talk or whatever. Yaaaayyyy!! Please, let him not have any weapons or something and I know I can defend myself, I silently prayed. Funny, why I really think I’m like this?? I’m not a black belt holder, fyi. Haha!! I picked up my pace entirely leaving him behind. Whew!

Until further walking revealed that I am going away from the hostel, but the place looked familiar as J & I passed here last night. This is already going to the night market at Khao San Road. It could be the effect of that incident but something switched on inside of me. I feel like proving that I can really, really take care of myself. To whom?? That I don’t know.

The streets I am passing by have scarcely one or two people walking in it and only a few vehicles are passing by. These aside from the fact that they are slightly illuminated are enough signs for me to back out, get a cab perhaps and go home. But I persisted. I asked for direction from one guy in black and he pointed me the way, it’s not that very far. Such a bolshie girl!!

And in no time, I caught sight of the night stalls that leads to Khao San Road. I made it! :) So since I wasn’t able to shop much last night with J’s presence and since I didn’t present it that much in my last travelogue (to keep the romantic spirit alive, wahaha!!!), let me present to you this place.

“Take me home, Khao San Road, to the place I belong. West Virginia, Mountain Momma, take me home Khao San Road” I heard the band playing.

Nice oldies song. Country roads by John Denver. My uncle used to sing to it in KTV, hehe. Well, there are acoustic bands playing in some bars. Foreigners are swarming in here. And the place at something past 11 PM is BUSY!

This is where I got my shades last night. Haha! If I may just share lang naman again :P, there was this one issue of Preview wherein the model wears a really really nice wayfarer in hot pink. I checked the label and it states that it is acquired in BKK. It was again another catalyst in my desire to see BKK. Haha!! And it’s true, they’re selling all kinds of crazy shades here. Cuuuuutttttteeeeee!!! I wanted the Lady Gaga style but held back. :p Certainly, you don’t see these styles in Divisoria. NOT!!

Colorful dresses for 200 Baht anyone? ;-)
Who's in the mood to party?
Some artsy stuffs. I'm certainly not one but they're fascinating.

And one interesting topic for books I noticed in one store: LADYBOYS!!

It's strange that some guys told me they dislike going to these country because of these ladyboys. I remember my discussion with J last night and how I plead for him to teach me again their colloquial term for these people. He won't tell me because according to him it's a bad word and because he already taught me that when we were in Macau. Hmpf. Ayy, na-miss si J tonight. Hahaha!!!
After finally making one last purchase of an orange/blue floral dress, I called it a night and started walking back to the hostel. It's just very very near I refused to take any cabs or tuktuks on my way back. I have to pass by that McDonalds again but thankfully the guy isn't there anymore. And before I made one final right turn to my hostel, I saw this and wasn't able to resist to take a pic. HAHAHA!!!
At past 12 with nary a sight of people in the street, waiting for someone to come and take a picture of me in a pink taxi is an act that can only be best described as __________________.


Tisha said...

I happen to enjoy eating by myself.:) It's not for everyone though.

Anonymous said...

I also don't have a problem eating out by myself.. there's noting strange about it..

As far as walking around with an slr at midnight all dressed up on a foreign country.. that I think is insane.. I don't even do that.. Anytime I'm shooting I hide my gear in my bag, take it out, then shoot.. then put it away in the bag.. You don't even have a bag lol.

tst tst Deng, be careful.

The G20 Summit is happening across from my place in two weeks, I'm either going to shoot this event, and get tear gassed/shot at, or I'm going to NY for some R and R lol


PetiteLittleGirl said...

There is nothing wrong with eating out my yourself. You just have to be extra careful. World is crazy nowadays.
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Anonymous said...

thanks Tish, Wil @ Ms PetiteGirl for the comments and concerns.. =)