Wednesday, June 09, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day2d: Night Shoot

After Chatuchak, I turned my laptop on and decided to do some 30-min pilates. Yesterday was for the arms and the core workout and this one is for the legs and abs. Nothing, if you must know lang naman. Haha! Took a shower and got dressed. For what?? I’m not sure exactly. All I know is that at 9 PM, the night is still young. Young??? =))

Actually, I already have an idea in mind. The Night Shoot. Naks! I say it as if I’m a PRO. LOL! I’m not sure how safe it is for a single lady to walk alone and do photography outdoors but with the energy I have after Pilates, I can’t just bury myself in my room, go counting stars and wait to fall asleep. It’s always the workout effect on me that’s why I’m so stubborn at times when I do it at night and end up having a hard time sleeping. XD

Based on last post’s comment, my friend Lissy told me that my shots aren’t that lame. Thanks gurl. :) But still, please bear with my feeble attempts at photography. LOL!

If you check the map, I provided before, out in the main road you will see the Democracy Monument. It occupies a traffic circle and according to Wikipedia, there are structures in it that represent different things.

A few more walks and I was led to the same area where I was yesterday afternoon, the Wat Ratchanaddaram. And here are some more lame shots. :P

You notice how some great photographers put their settings like this: Nikon D80; Aperture:f/5.0; Exposure:1/30; Focal Length:125mm; ISO:1600 in their captions, mine is very simple. It just goes something like this, rotating the exposure control dial while saying mini-mini-my-nemo then click-click. Hahaha!!!

Oh geese, photography enthusiasts, please don’t feel offended. :P

It’s true what my friend said about this thingy, “Nangangain ng tanga ang DSLR.” Hahaha!!! =)) But honestly it was the only time I experimented with the different settings. I just picked whichever came out nice. :P I was willing to extend and try out some more, when I heard someone calling out ‘Psssts’ from afar.

I dropped the camera down from my aiming position and focused on where the sound is coming from. There’s a guy somewhere near the temple calling out after me probably who just wants my attention. Okay, I’m scared now. I suddenly had images of someone from the back ready to attack (talk about being a paranoid) so I did a 360 turn just to check the surroundings. There are no signs of people nearby but really, what was I thinking?? I’m alone in the area. I certainly don’t do this in the Philippines and all the more so in a foreign country. And given the political state of this place, I don’t know where this brazenness is coming from. I somewhere read that photographers knew it when they already have their perfect shot of their subject and after reviewing my photos; I knew I don’t have it. Shouldn’t be any wonder, I’m not a photographer after all. LOLs! I didn’t have to wait for it; I just simply have to leave this place.

I was already walking away from the place when I was startled with a loud message tone from my phone (outdoor settings, if you must know, haha!!) and all of a sudden I felt excited as if it came from someone special. And it’s confirmed, it’s from J. Hihi. But to my disappointment, the message reads (okay, no omitting)
“hw was d triptoday? I cant go out today as hv to wk up at 5am for playing golf, njoy yr trip.”

I stare at my phone distrustfully with my right eyebrow reaching the heavens and felt like shouting to it, “THAT’S WHY YOU DON’T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!! YOU’RE ALWAYS BUSY PLAYING GOLF!”
On second thoughts, there I was already typing the same message sugarcoating in a different way by saying initially that I am fine and still stressing the point that maybe the reason why he can’t find a girlfriend is because of his golf addiction. I added some smileys for a good measure. Hahaha!!!

Oh well, why was I disappointed?? He wasn’t my boyfriend to begin with, LOL! And besides, I have some night photography to deal with. Which reminded me, that J toured me to this different temple. I’m sure it’s just around here, it can’t be that far and it is golden in form. Ignoring the incident a while ago about the guy distracting me, I walked and walked some more. I crossed the road and saw this way that leads to the Golden Mount,

True, being single for long has taught me to become fearless and I always have this confidence in me that with my built and everything, I can overpower someone, even a guy in times of danger. Yes, I feel like I’m superwoman I don’t know why. Haha!! But there’s this thing in me also called shrewdness. I know finding my way to have a closer look at the temple is too risky for me. I finally decided to go back the hostel.
And while walking back, I see a group of military forces in motorcycle on the road going to the direction I am heading to which is back to the hostel. Oh no, this afternoon I just saw them congregating and it is because there is an ongoing rally. Panic grips. What is going on in our area????


Anonymous said...

Those were pretty good shot Casey... did you use a tripod?

Anonymous said...

btw I'm just looking at your flag counter.. wtf.. you have Japanese blog readers? lol
and you're popular in Singapore?


Anonymous said...

Pretty good?????? Really???


I thought you'd say horrible!! Haha!! Tripod?? I don't have budget for that! LOL!! I just bought the cover lens recently in MY and a bag for the DSLR. Haha!!

So much time to check on my flag counters huh? Haha!! Well, SG is understandable I think I have lotsa friends there..Japan, I dunno!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

uh what's a cover lens? lol..

Invest on a cheap tripod deng, and put the setting on A. (aperture)
Put the F number to like 22, so it'll be a long exposure.. aka it'll take a long time to take the picture, and the photos will just pop. (30 seconds to take 1 photo)

Pfft I saw flags on the right side of the blog, and I was shocked Canada wasn't in the top 3 lol..


Anonymous said...

i mean lens cover! haha!!

A? really? i like the P setting more, always gives me nice outcome. LOL!

its understandable, I think you're my only viewer in Canada. Haha!! You have to click more often here to make it in the top 3. HAHAHA!!


jo said...

Really interesting article, thanks!"