Monday, September 21, 2009


Sometime November last year in a post entitled Jane of the Jungle, I blogged about how during that month I was able to acquire different animal prints of bags and shoes. I didn't think it was the trend though, it was just a coincidence that those items were really on good sale. But I think I will have to bring leopard print back with this below:

I know I already have the heeled version of that, although it's of different tone, texture and even the print itself. I tried resisting having a flats version after seeing them in various shoe outlets (Stella Luna even have matching bangles) but when I tried them, oh my! She's just the very epitome of comfort (which I must admit is not my number 1 category when it comes to my shoe picks! LOL!)

Angela, squeal!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!! I know you'll love it!!! :) And I know you want details, I got it from Dorothy Perkins. ;-)

Isn't she a beaut?? That baby is so lucky, she'll be coming with me to SG on the 1st week. Weeee!!! :)

And while we're still at the topic, I just saw Betty's look-alike. Let's do it ala Perez Hilton. Haha!

Left: Bettina Right: A Sloth Bear, Hahaha!!!

I knew it! Betty is not a Lhasa Apso ( I just learned the breed the other day and I keep on forgetting it! LOL!) but rather a SLOTH!! Hahahaha!! Nothing, just making fun of our baby. Hihi! Amsobad! :P 'Ope you're still enjoying the holiday. :)


Nivek said...

I saw the title of your blog in my email and it got my Apple geek interest peaked. The past OS was Leopard and the new one is Snow Leopard. So imagine my disappointment.

Nice shoes though. I bet they'd look nice in heels...

Anonymous said...

oh, ur email very high-techy! haha!! So sorry bout that..:P

I already have the heels..and I still love it! :)


Nivek said...

Oh nice. You should have posted that picture instead.

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