Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Eventful Monday

In a few hours, Wil will be flying back to Toronto. Awww. Be safe and I know you are the moment I see a comment on this post. LOL! Anyway, he fulfilled most of his agenda in his visit except for the Wensha Spa and HK-Macau, which was supposed to be scheduled early this week. Well, I sort of convinced him not to push through with his last countries because last Monday was a holiday and I could make lots of plans for it. Despite the many cancellations, I was able to pull another friend of mine for Wil to meet – Michelle. :)

About 1:30 PM (30 mins earlier for me, COOOOONG-GRA-tulations! Haha!), we were already at Starbucks Shang contemplating which movie to see. We opted for The Ugly Truth. Don’t you think Katherine Heigl has that same role in her 27 Dresses?? And what’s this Gerald Butler as a TV personality? Maybe he should just stick to being shirtless like in 300. LOL! Hahaha!!! But there are scenes that are just soo funny!

Next stop, around 5 PM, we were at Boni High St and thank heavens the weather was a bit cooperative by then because it was time for: THE PHOTOSHOOT! Hahaha!!! Prior to this, I already asked Michelle to girly up a bit and she turned up in our house around 12:30 PM wearing this cute dress from Kashieca. :) I once fancied that dress while window-shopping and I’m glad I didn’t go for it. That dress suits more girls of her age (below 20 that is). :P I, on the other hand, went for my Dorothy Perkins dress and my DP shoes. :P

Oh gosh, that shoot was a bit embarrassing. Because of Wil’s paparazzi cam! I wasn’t able to ask how long the lens measures but all in all it’s a whooping 15kgs!!! Golly! Wil, permission to take this pic, ha? :P

And when we’re shooting by the fountain, something "beautiful" happened. Weeee!! Hahaha!!!

After taking some shots, someone with an SLR approached us. He asked if it is okay to take a photo of us coz they are scouting for “stylish women”- head spins at the sound of those words - who will be featured in their website. Gosh, like he had to ask! I knew it! Dizizit! The break I’ve been long waiting for! Hahaha!!

After the shoot, the guy asked us to be seated over their area to answer some questionnaires to write on our photos. It says in the agreement that they can edit whatever our answers are so that it will appear more tasteful to the audience. Gosh, I hope they’ll just edit whatever I put into it coz I’m so overwhelmed with what happened I can’t bloody think well. LOL!

Wil, then acting like our manager (haha!), reviewed carefully the terms and agreements and questioned on one phrase, which is the authority to use the photos on other sources (which can be mags for all we know) so he demanded we put our email addresses in the paper for future notifications. Thanks Wil! Ohmigosh, images of me in glossy magazines!! Err, kC don’t get overexcited okay?? It's not yet sure, haha!!

Btw, I forgot their publishing company’s name but they are promoting the Equal Low Calorie Sweetener. After the questionnaires, he gave us goodies from the said product. :) Nice! And he asked one more shot of key items in our ensemble like for example Mitch’s űber-cute black bag and for moi, mi Leopard flats!! Weeee!!!!

Next scene, dog-walking. Haha! There are just too many cute pups in that area, I asked the owner to take this one. Hihi. :D

Well, she could’ve been űber-cute too, except that she keeps on scratching my leopard shoes!! Hahaha!!! I’m not sure what exactly she sees in it! So to prevent my shoes from getting damaged, I had to bend and play with her instead. :P

I suddenly wished I just brought my Bettina. Sayang. After some time, my grip got loose on her tie she escaped and ran and ran around! I had to help chasing her! My gosh, she runs sooooooooo fast!! The maid helped me get her! Whew! Buti na lang! Else, I’ll be dead with the owner. Haha!!

Sun is already setting down by the time we finished the dog-walking scene. :( I made sure they try first some Sonja's cupcake before we finally headed to Eastwood for dinner. I just knew Wil hasn't visited it yet.

We picked Mr. Kurosawa for dinner. But I still liked Sumo Sam more. :P

Sonja's cupcakes

So hindi ko naman tinadtad ng pics tong post noh? Hahaha!! Sorry Wil, I know you don't want me uploading too many of 'em. But really, I love your shots! :) I must say, bitin talaga ang photoshoot. :P Thanks talaga for everything! :) I wish you luck on your lurve-lyf on your return. Yeeeehaaa!!! And if not, don't be like that tambay song you came to like when we had dinner in C2. Eeeuugh, it's repulsive! LOL!

P.S. Congrats on your new condo! Thanks in advance for allowing me to rent it for free in the future! WAHAHAHA!!!! Geese couz, that's so thoughtful!! BWAHAHAHA!!!


Anonymous said...

lol! I'm currently in Tokyo, and the 1st thing on my facebook newsfeed is your blog of Mondays event. haha..

Anyways ingat lang, and good luck with your quest to find a husband hahah... I'm not religious, but I have heard of miracles happening.

Sure I'll rent out the condo for ya 20K lang haha..

Cya Next Year if my cousin is getting married, or whenvever yours is lol.



Anonymous said...

nyahaha!! i thought you'll read this in Canada na! :P

miracles??? i'd believe that if u get married first! LOL!

wait lang, i thought you're supportive of my shopping but how can i do it if ur taking out 20k from me??? Naman!! Haha!!