Tuesday, October 09, 2007

SG Day 2b Travelogue: To Belong or Not to Belong

(make sure you didn't miss the 2a post found here. :)

Lunchtime was spent on this place they call China Square the proximity of which is about a hairbreadth from the building. Actually it’s more of a foodcourt building and to my utter disappointment, there are no shops inside. Haha!! The big boss is not around so lunch is what I call “each to his own” (my English term for kanya-kanya, haha!). After finding a huge table to accommodate the 11 of us, each went on their way for their food quest. As the name suggests, I can see a lot of Chinese foods being served and I doubt I’ll go for it due to my chopsticks "proficiency", hehe. It took me some time to roam around though I already knew at the back of my head what I’m going for. So upon my return, I saw all of them waiting for me with noodles on their table and I’m in my tray holding my tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Subway burger. Hahaha!! Ok, maybe I don’t belong. Haha!

Leon is still conversing with Lawrence and I’m left to entertain this Vietnamese who seems to be amazed by me from the beginning. (Gosh, kapal ko noh?) ‘Twas a very fast break and I’m not surprised ‘coz I know how exactly Singaporeans work. But on that very short time I got to observe the female’s corporate styles and it was just really interesting looking around. I feel like I’m in a fashion haven. Hmmm, maybe I can blend. Ü

I still haven’t talked to Lawrence before the afternoon session began. My competitive stand on the training hasn’t wobbled. Later we had this break where I headed to the pantry for a cup of coffee and Lawrence sort of followed???

The pantry’s fridge is filled with all these tetra packs of hardly heard fruit juices which I promised to try all; there’s chrysanthemum, barley, blackberry and many more. I asked him, who btw is from Malaysia, about the shortest trip to their country ‘coz of our plan B to go there on the weekend. Thank goodness for him being a Malaysian and on this ice-breaker! I finally got to poke the question on him and I was right. He’s not from engineering but rather a marketing guy handling customers. Actually he understands technical stuffs because he has an IT background. IMPRESSIVE!! (as if I haven’t been impressed before, hehe)

When we got back I just found myself conversing with him for a short time on a little about something something, finding my chair near him (unintentional, ok?) because he’s showing some stuffs from his PC, and just all ears whenever he’s speaking. I already forgot how I found out but he's actually an assistant manager in Malaysia. Also, I learned that he did not turn off his phone during the entire flight just to observe the phone's performance. Sometimes, he can be scary too, you know. I almost want to join him on the lift after the session but something in my brain told me “Ok, let’s not get high hopes on this one. We don’t even know his status yet.”

Anyway, I had to rush back to the hotel after the training ‘coz Joy’s waiting in her office in Shenton Way. We’re off to a Christian meeting and I’m going to sleep in their flat tonight. Wooohooo!! Also, I will be finally riding the bus using the EZ link card we purchased yesterday.

You know how bloopers won’t be missed out on first-times like this. When we got in the bus, I didn’t swipe my card on the machine. Ok. First of all, I didn’t see it and second of all, I thought it’s something that is automatically detected by some sensor or whatever it is on the entrance like our IDs back at Intel. Oh, bugger!! Anyway, Joy went back to swipe it for me and good thing citizens there doesn’t seem to care on other’s business. I can only imagine the shame-on-you looks I might have received had it been in the Philippines.

We chattered a lot during the ride but I didn’t expect to hear this line from her when we‘re walking along the overpass:

“Alam mo may mga weekend na gusto kong umuwi na lang bigla sa Pilipinas.”

It took me some time to respond with “Talaga?”. I can't even turn my head and see that doleful look in her eyes. but in that silence, the unsaid is there between us.

I don’t know what to say. For the first time, I finally understood the loneliness experienced by our OFWs working all over the world; why my uncle went home surprisingly after staying for 2 weeks in Saudi and why some Filipinos back at home endures the meager savings just to stay and be with their family.

I know Joy’s personality. She’s been through a lot and her name Joy is very suited to her ‘coz she’s a really jolly person. But she’s making a virtue of necessity so that time I felt like staying and find a work in able to stay with her. =(

Anyways, before the meeting Joy treated me again for some refection: noodles and hot tea with milk?????? I met some brothers and sisters in faith, photo-opped in the bus (actually, everywhere) and slept early.

bus photo-op

Yes, we didn’t talk during the night like we were before. Maybe, something has already changed.=(

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