Saturday, October 06, 2007


I never had a younger sister neither did I wish for one. But there’s one girl in the congregation whose Mom wants her to be like me. Hence, her Mom enrolled her in the same school though she took on a different course. At the tender age of 18, I must say she’s a pretty and intelligent lady. Truth is, I like her for my younger brother. We always talk after the Christian meetings about the happenings in my life. She knows my craziness when it comes to guys or love and how unruly sometimes I am when it comes to dressing up.

Being the guided daughter that she is, I always thought that whatever I do wouldn’t affect her that much. She has her own mind to decide plus her mother to protect her. But one Sunday meeting, I smiled at her Mom and there was no reaction on her face. I felt alarmed; her Mom has always been nice to me. I wonder what’s wrong. I inspected myself and I’m not sure but “Was it the dress?” or “Any untoward behavior lately?”

I wasn’t able to prove my hypothesis. But my reaction to that incident was profound. I was SCARED. I don’t know. No one assigned me to me that responsibility of being a ROLE MODEL but that time I felt like what they say in Tagalog movies, “Pasan ko ang daigdig.” And it’s a heavy responsibility. But then I vowed that from now on I will stand up for it. I don’t want to hear young girls’ moms or even my nieces’ moms being warned by their Mom “Huwag mong gagayahin si Ate Dang mo.” Shocks, it’s really scary. I know I have a slight problem when it comes to pleasing people too much but this one is different. I need to make some changes. Gosh, if this is what they call maturity then I am definitely freaking out.


Dee Dee's Laboratory said...

hey! what happened? Bakit di ka dw pinansin? ISSUES n nman! hahaha

kCNeSs said...

ah eto? wla lng..funny nga kasi i think meron lng cyang mlalim na iniicp dat tym kasi the following weeks were ok na..ngulat lng ako kasi gnun katindi ung impact sakin kya sabi ko tlg mgtitino na ako..hehe