Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Attack of Skinny Jeans

Like what I’ve said before, my fashion literacy only began when I was in college. I've been in cahoots with clothes since then. But I remember this trend way back in my grade school years because of a certain experience. There was this one time I was desperately trying to fit the behemoth of my foot into my tita’s baston pants during one of our visit to our grandparents. What with the slight opening and gigantic feet of mine, it really took me so long to dress up that I was reprimanded in the car for making them wait.

The next thing I know is that I saw this trend some time in my 3rd year college and I bought one for myself. Yeah, no more borrowing or hand-me-down that time.

Now, they’re ubiquitous. Because I reckoned they won’t last that long again this time, I had myself some cheap pairs from my favorite cheap outlets, hehe, which I blogged about last March. But, I think my fashion evolvement calculation was wrong. ‘Coz now, everytime I wear my standard jeans I feel like something’s wrong. I don’t know why but for me they look outdated. So what happened was I invested for 2 more pairs (black and dark blue) on some branded outlets and been happy using them for quite some time now. However, seeing this below is not good.

Why oh why Hillary did you have to be so cute on those ever-hard-to-find color of jeans?

This color has been loudly bleeping on my style radar and you know what that means: long day and sleepless nights until I get my hands on some.

Honestly, it took me some bloody time to find outlets with white skinny and to my aghast; there's one on Mango that expectedly costs an arm and leg. Again, it took me some more time to contemplate whether it wouldn’t be a sin to do so but in the end, I sheared away from all the negatives and bought it.

So to make a wise investment out of it, I’ve already practically organized my whole wardrobe into it (I swear I’ll wear it weekly!) and started with yesterday with this number:

I know I’m not fit to the description of the jeans itself, being not so thin at all, worst knock-kneed but I thank my slight bumpy behind, long legs and pointy-toed stilettos for somehow giving it a justice. My most loved part is how it crumples in the bottom, ‘coz this is what European size or brands (or was it American?) could offer I think, lengthier. So to Kate Moss,

Don’t you dare start introducing those flares again ‘coz I’m practically over it. Understand?

And say hello to Angelina below,

Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Somebody help me where I can find a cheaper version of this color? Puh-leeeaaaaaaassseeeeee!!!

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