Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Bridal Package

Not that I'm getting married or something but I once read about this on a certain magazine. So, on a Saturday afternoon post half-day work without nothing to do, heck! I wanna try it for myself.

Though there are really salons who offer this, I'd rather raid my preferred ones and customize on what I really need. Much to my chagrin, a half-day sked is not enough. And also, if I compute for the entire services, it will cause too much dent in my wallet. So, I had to improvise. Below lists the pamperings I've done for the last two weeks.

(a) Hair styling. I tried a different branch of David's in a mall near us and I wasn't pleased with the service. If you just tell them to layer it, they will just sort of haggle your hair in a mish-mash way. In the end, I hated how my hair bends outward because it's not used to that stylist. Hmmp!

(b) Massage. My original masseuse was on leave when I visited I had to try the other one. Problem is, she doesn't press hard that I got ticklish specially on the back portion, hehe. But at least I was relieved after.

(c) Hot Oil. I opted to do this at home. I've been using this Kerastase hair treatment which is cheaper since you get to do it yourself and good for at least 3 months. I recommend you to try it, it's good.

(d) Foot Spa. Again, I did this myself to save some extra bucks. I'm almost complete with the paraphernalia except for that foot soaking machine. I was also in charge of the pedicure being the expert myself, save nail polishing hehe.

(e) Manicure. I can't believe how long I've kept my nails growing. It's been 2 months already and I think it's time to get my first ever French tip.Ű

Isn't it scary? Haha!! I think it's grown too long. But I'm really not good on keeping my nails manicured 'coz of my household chores (naks! =P) I always scratch them. They lasted only for 3 days. Good thing I took some pictures.

Like what Mike said, they're a true herald of me already outside Intel, hahaha!!

(f) Eyebrow threading and prophylaxis. Gosh!! I wasn't able to squeeze them forthe last two weeks. I'm such a busy bee but I'll try it within this week.

What I learned:

(a) When I was being manicured, I was sandwiched between two fat girls who know each other and I was like, "Duh, why was I placed here?" and then I suddenly missed my Bessy Joy. So girls, if you plan to this, invite a girlfriend to make it fun ayt? Ű

(b) When I was already paying my bill, I thought "For whom am I doing these for?" Believe me, questions like this really pop-out when is it already about money matters, hehehe. But what the heck, girls need to feel good about themselves once in a while. So for my azygous ladies out there, repeat after me: " I don't need a man to make me feel good about myself." There, very well said!

Then I also realized, I'm not doing this in vain. In fact I've got a date, a very famous one. And he's waiting for me @ the Araneta Coliseum tonight. Yeah, I've got a date with Babyface and I've got to get ready. So I guess, I'll just see yah! ;-)

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