Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Babyface Made Me Cry

(guys, i just edited my last post..lots of grammatical errors..sorry!! hehe)

Only on this one particular song. Hmp! This is me guys welcome to my EMO world, hehe.. But I’m ok with my single life now, thanks for asking. Ű Sometimes, you just can’t help it when you know, you’re right there and awed by Babyface’s presence then you’re suddenly asked with this question, “Has anyone out there ever been in love?” At first I was just like “Hell yeah!” But when followed with “Have you ever been in love with someone that you’re not with anymore?" then keyboard intro. Alright, I think I need a grip. I felt this lump in my throat and suddenly it feels a bit hot in the once cold Araneta Coliseum. I was silently listening to the song and by the time the chorus arrives “What if we were wrong about each other?” tears were already rolling down my cheeks! Yikes! Haha!!

And that, ladies and gents, is the main page of that evening. Hahaha!! I mean, do I have to stress that Babyface is awesome? It’s Babyface for crying out loud!
That goes without saying. Though I'm not a total fan of him, I like his songs and I've always loved RnB music.

When I heard about the concert, I already imagined what sort of crowd to expect. And I was like, fine! I'll brave it if I'm with a girlfriend and good thing my bitch Lisa had the same ictus for some slow jams, hehe. But we were thankful though that it isn't much Valentine's day-like galore at all. In fact, it's a cornucopia of families, couples and above all, girlfriends (yeah!)

In as much as we like to, we can't party yet after the concert and for the mean time because (1) there isn't much crowd due to the holidays and (2) Lisa's on a Cinderella mode. Yeah you bet she is on a curfew. You know why?? It's because someone reported to her mom that we were seen drinking @ The Fort. Guys, you know the story behind the RX party. You're all witnesses (if only you could speak, huhu).

I recorded some songs to share with you but when I listened to it, my whoops and shrieks were much heard than the songs, haha!! Here are some mementos from the concert:

And my LSS for now:

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