Friday, October 19, 2007

SG Day 3a Travelogue: Just Keep Walking

The most resounding advice I received on this trip is to KEEP ON WALKING. After all, Singapore is just a small city/country. Well it seems that from my last two days at work all I ever did was to ride a cab to and fro my destinations. And so I intend to apply it today.

8 AM, I was already at the office and to my astonishment, Lawrence was already there. (actually, it was more of elated than astonished, hehe). So, we got to chat more on a little about something something ű though he was still busy attending to mails and I had to match that. As everybody arrives one by one, they were giving us this “Hmm, what’s up with these two? Did they come together” looks. I swear if I wasn’t in my sane self, I could’ve read their thought bubble “Did they spend the night together?” as they see us laughing together. Good grief! The training started an hour late because Supachai from Thailand forgot the time difference between the two countries, haha! Oops, it’s training time gotta concentrate.

During the session, I can’t help but notice the nice new wallpaper of Supachai so during the break I learned from him that he loves taking photos, he even has his SLR camera. Being the user-friendly that I am (haha, just kidding!), I know he will just be the perfect companion for roaming around. He has to be my friend! Hahaha!!

The big boss came and I can now understand his attention towards Lawrence. It’s no biggie anymore. I still did my best though during his short stint in the training room. He can’t make it at lunch for the treat but the night is already scheduled in a seafood restaurant. *drool*

So guess what’s my food at lunchtime? It’s still Subway, haha!! But the Vietnamese went for McDo so I’m indifferent. Surprisingly, we didn’t head back to the office after lunch but rather toured a bit on the city. If I’m not mistaken, we traversed Church Street then Philip Street where I saw a temple and a Starbucks branch until finally reaching Singapore River via a building that resembles that of Makati’s Stock Exchange.

Pics to share:

I was walking with Lawrence the whole time (which made it a bit special ϋ) he’s so gentleman and I just simply don’t give two hoots if everybody’s giving me these condemning looks as though I’ve just confirmed every suspicion they have on their minds.

That walk was helpful in establishing camaraderie among the trainees. When the session resumed, everybody seemed to be at ease now with each other. I even sampled Supachai’s expertise in taking shots of me by the window overlooking Church Street, explored on some of the pics he took last night and bah! The silent guy had also unleashed his naughty side taking candid shots of me and Lawrence during the break.

Segue: for those who noticed, yes, I have to admit albeit embarrassingly that I wore the dress for today same with last night. But you’ve got to understand guys that I slept in my friend’s flat and carried a lot of things, hehe. Besides, I washed them for today and gave it a different look.

Though I think I over-layered it on the right, no???

Part 3b in the offing. =)

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