Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mixed Emotions

An ordinary week becomes special if I found a concept or theme to write it in my blog, haha!!

Sad and Worried

2 of my relatives were hospitalized last week. Tito Boy, Joy’s uncle, has just undergone an operation for prostrate cancer. I’ve always been scared of the Big C due to our family history but little did I know that there’s this one innocuous killer if not well taken care of, the heart. My dearest Tita in the world was rushed last Tuesday. I can’t afford to loose her. =( Again, let’s always watch out for our health.

Scared and Thankful

Being the shopaholic that I am, I’m so grateful that I wasn’t in Glorietta on that uneventful day. Gurls, let’s stay away from the mall for the mean time or avoid any crowded places.


I heard about the bombing incident through Lisa in chat. She was @ G4 during that time. After learning I immediately called in our house to warn my brother. It didn’t even occur to me to ask how she is. I mean, SHE’s @ G4 DURING THE BOMBING. She could’ve been hurt. Everything just dawned on me last Saturday. I’m such a bad friend. =( I already texted her about it but I’m still eaten up with guilt.


One of the marketing managers here resigned. She was the one who betted on loosing my dressing styles after some time on work engagement. But I think she rubbed me up the wrong way. On her last day last Friday, she told me how impressed she is because I haven’t changed and that it is a good thing. She also told me that I don’t belong in engineering (you know dolled up in a closed room). The increased number of times that I heard this is already getting into me. Hmmmmmmm..


We were dining last Wednesday @ Dad’s Saisaki Edsa when I spotted one of my showbiz crushes, Luis Manzano. His table was right infront of ours. Abot-kamay ko na siya. I was DYING to have a picture taken with him but shyness overtook me. *Sigh* This is all I got though,

Likod pa lng ulam na, haha!!


This is one of my considered puerile reactions when it comes to courtship. When a guy confesses that he likes me and I can’t reciprocate the feeling, I feel this in its most unwanted extreme way. I end up avoiding the guy. The thing like, I don’t want you around or don’t come anywhere near me. I just can’t believe that I haven’t worked it out yet after 3 years of singlehood and worst, on a Korean visitor we had. Phew! Good thing he’s not around anymore.


Our baby Citas is moving into the city. ÜÜÜ Nervous of the challenge, she asked me through chat for some words of advise. I’m just in my natural speak-aloud brain not engaged moment when she typed this: “Yan ang gusto ko sayo eh, lagi mo akong pinapatawa.” I was just like awwwwwwwwwww, so sweet. Maybe making other people laugh is one of my talents. Sabi na nga ba eh, I should’ve pursued stand-up comedy. Career ito, hahaha!!!


Aarrgh! I don’t want to make up a separate entity for this per season but what can I do? I’m such a PBB fanatic. Come to think of it, Mariel’s surprise detention is such a big twist. She’s maybe maarte and konyotic but she can do all she wants even cuss all she wants because she’s JUST the cute Mariel that she is. Hmm, it seems that nobody interests me among the male housemates but I just can’t believe I’ve had encounters before with some of the female: Gaby dela Merced as you all know during our Mobile Hits Party and Riza Santos when we partied @ Jaipur. Also, if you happen to watch last Sunday, Toni was wearing something like this which what I also wore for my Sunday worship that afternoon, haha!!

Now is it a little or exactly the same? Haha!! All I know is that mine is the cheaper version of her Shapes dress. =P

Extremely happy =D

Anyong Korea!! =)

Countdown Clocks at WishAFriend.com

Aaahhh, the thought of seeing Lawrence again but most of all, dressing up fashionably in winter outfits. ÜÜÜ now if I can just shop……….
And now that I'm looking at it again, I don't think it's been an ordinary week. Doncha??????

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