Friday, October 26, 2007

SG Day 3b Travelogue: Still Walking

(Day 3a a prerequisite..hehe..=P)

On the way to Jumbo seafood restaurant along Riverwalk, I spent some time to know some of my co-trainees. Everybody now already understands my narcissistic nature and they were all game taking pictures of me. Hah, benefits of being the apple of the eye. Ü

There were a lot of scrumptious foods served in the banquet, not to mention the bizarre way of eating them, hehe. Feast your eyes on some:

Now, the seating arrangement of the round table looks something like this:

Counterclockwise: Lawrence, Charles, Leon, Cassey

Yeah, I was enjoying on my lobster when I heard Charles the big boss prod this question on Lawrence:

“So Lawrence, tell me do you have a girlfriend?”

And at that juncture, my auditory nerves are on full alert. It’s like it’s filtered all the noise from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and concentrated on Lawrence’s response. Hmmm, what’s taking him long to reply? I raised my head and swiveled towards the left nonchalantly with my mind telling me: “Please say you’re single, please say you’re single.” Then he opened his mouth,

“You already asked me about that during the interview.”

Alright, I’m disappointed. Why can’t he just answer with a simple yes or no? Is that a thing so hard to do??? Did he say that because of the special moment we had earlier?? Ok, now that’s a bit overboard. But then, WHY???????????

Anyhoo, I had to finish the food served on my plate ‘coz Leon keeps on filling them. After that I requested for a group picture outside the restau:

The 3 Vietnamese decided to take a tour in the city via taxi but Lawrence, Supachai and I agreed to walk back to the hotel. I’m not furious at Lawrence. He even volunteered to carry one of my 3 bags. Sweet, hehe! We passed by Clarke Quay and took some pictures. We decided to explore some more after changing so it’s almost 9 PM when we met at the lobby and started our journey.

That night has got to be the most special night of my stay. Aside from seeing a small part of the beautiful Singapore, I learned more of my Asian friends Supachai and Lawrence. The latter has a lot of interesting things to say. It’s too bad he already has a girlfriend for long (no more shocking, I sort of conditioned my mind to it, =P). But I’m prickled with intrigue as to how she looks like ‘coz she’s so damn LUCKY!!! Haha!! But still, there were MOMENTS during the walk that I hope you’ll understand if I’ll just keep it for myself (just use your imagination guys, haha!). This picture covers the tiresome but all-worth it 3-hour power walk
(good thing I’m in my Slim Hav):

see the line? that's how far we went..

By the time we reach back the hotel, I’m totally knackered. But I still have to return to Joy’s flat to get my toothbrush and facial bar. Fine, I’m vain! I can’t live without them. The afternoon without brushing is already too much to bear. If there were just sari-saris along the way, but neither were there 7-11 on the roads we passed by. But I think the toiletries were meant to be left at her flat.

Imagine the scenario: you’re a stranger in the 4th floor of a flat in Spottiswoode, it’s past 12 midnight, the host is not expecting you and your phone’s batt is just plainly drained. Yeah, don’t even ask how many bloody minutes I was standing outside her door calling out JJJJooooooyyyyyyy in an undertone. But when I was finally opened, I didn’t see a Joy that has been robbed of sleep. Instead, I saw her holding a mop, pale-faced and eyes just dried up of tears. What happened was the Indian caretaker broke in their flat around 11 PM when Joy and Juliet were cachinnating inside their room. Ok, let’s digest. Yes, he’s the caretaker but he didn’t inform Joy beforehand he’s coming neither knocked on their room to notify them he’s there. Once again I realized the perils of working away from your mother land. I had to stay with them until they’re finally calm and relaxed. Joy once again insisted on me staying but I had to beg off.

And as if I haven’t been scared, I hailed a cab around 2 AM. You may commend my bravery for this but fyi, I’ve done this a few times in the Philippines thanks to no boyfriend. Bitter? Haha!! And as far as I know SG is safer than the Phils.

Back in the hotel I hurriedly finished my night ritual, set the alarm for group breakfast tomorrow and totally knocked-out.


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