Thursday, July 31, 2014

Current Events Part 2


If you've read this post last year, then you're not stranger to the fact that my style is sometimes inspired by recent happenings around the world.  This is a part 2 blog that covered events for the last three months. :P

1.  MET-inspired work outfit (May6). Read the full post here. :)

2. Copa La Mundo casual Friday outfit (Jun13). It's a baseball dress I know, but atleast it's sporty! :P  I'm not really a big fan but I do remember rooting for Germany because of a close friend.  And they won!  What a coincidence. Haha!

3. Red, Blue and White for July 4th! Too bad I didn't have anything star-print! But dots and stripes it is! ;)

Hope you enjoyed today's threesome post! :)

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