Thursday, June 26, 2014

Coordinated Separates


Because I slacked on some posts this week, you're in for a treat guys! I'm gonna do a two part #threesomethursday post!!! Howsaboutthat??? Haha!

If you remember sometime ago, I blogged about matching prints here. Considering that the trend is back, I'm happy to do a threesome round of my pseudo-matching sets.  Or shall I call them coordinated separates?  You'll find out why.

Starting with the very same H&M blazer I got two years ago, I found a stripes skirt in Greenhills that exactly matches its print.  This is for gallery #1.

For gallery #2, I got this embellished top from Topshop on sale this year.  Thought it paired well with this old shorts I have from Tomato no? :)

Last gallery, fresh from the oven (worn exactly for today's #ootd lol!).  These unbranded prints which I both got from Greenhills (top from last year and skirt only this year) seemed they're a match made in fashion heaven but the two items are actually of different material.  Kinda reminds me of Beyonce's matching set though. ;)

Considering that the trend is back, I'm happy to embrace it without investing in an actual new set.  How awesome is that??? Yaaaay! Hahaha!!!

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