Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Thigh-high Effect! :)


34-degree weather and wearing these at work.  What on earth possessed me to this?  Haha!!!  Needless to say I enjoyed so much dressing up this trend in Osaka's 14 to 19 degree weather that I ended up bringing the thing to Manila right after my vacay.

Truth be told though, if money were no object and if it is just so practical to use here in PH, I would love to replace this look with Stuart Weitzman's thigh-high boots!  They're utter perfection! Haha!  But for the meantime, this would do.  Wore these for 3 straight days to work last week and I've got to say the last one is my favorite! <3 font="" nbsp="">

The fake glasses (without lens!!!) were from Shinsaibashi market in Osaka! =)

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