Wednesday, April 16, 2014


#traveltuesday (sorry for a day late travel post...)

I decided to blog about my Osaka trip first because I figured it's gonna be past the Cherry Blossom season if waited for my Dubai trip to finish.  Haha!

On my official first day in Osaka, a friend/ student of mine suggested to accompany me in Universal Studios! Yehey!!! Haha!

Yusuke is one of my advanced students in my online English school.  Needless to say, I'm one of his favorite most requested tutors to get this special treatment on my trip.  I mean, he traveled all the way from Tokyo to Osaka to meet me.  You can get to Osaka from Tokyo via 3-hr ride of Shinkanzen or an all-nighter bus.  And get this, a few days prior to this he was just in Universal Studios Singapore with his girlfriend.  I really feel so special. =) So grateful for having him as a friend/ student.  

We first tried this Hollywood Dream - The Ride.  It's the first thing that greets you when you get inside the theme park.  The coolest part of this attraction is that you get to choose which song you'd like to listen to during the entire ride prior to take-off.  Haha!  And the selections are recent pop songs so we both chose a One Direction song.  Lol!  You have two options for this roller coaster - the backwards seat which is more thrilling and had an endless queue to it as well (lol!) so we opted for the easier one.  

It was a Saturday when we visited so the place is really jampacked especially that it's the end of school season for the students.  Yusuke himself graduated from his master's degree the day before that (yeeey!) and will start his work with an airlines soon! :) Fact:  Did you know that in Japan, the official year starts in April.  So his official start of work is April 1 despite the fact that it being a Tuesday. ;)

We then next tried this JAWS attraction - it's something not present in USS and it had an utterly long queue into it.  So intriguing.  I believe we had to line up for one and a half hour for this. It was fun and I got wet.  Good thing my #ootd is waterproof, lol!  

We also tried the Jurassic Park (not much difference in USS)/ Backdraft (no English translation I stood there for 15 mins wishing I speak Japanese, lol!) and Spiderman - their equivalent of Transformers attraction.  It was also fun but Transformers in Singapore is really way way better!   Good thing also that Yusuke had tried The Mummy ride in USS because it's the second best thing for me.  

We weren't able to try everything because of the really long queues but it's really good that we were able to catch up on a lot of things.  Especially now that he's gonna be busy with his work so this was a really good opportunity.  When we parted I promised him that I'm gonna visit him in Tokyo one day and I really intend to fulfill it. :) 

One thing worth noticing in USJ is how these mascots not only do their job of posing with the guests.  They act out their part too!  It's funny how Winnie Woodpecker would get jealous when Woody poses with a girl haha.  So we're lucky that we managed to get them both in this picture after their little "LQ"! Lol!

It's worth mentioning that Yusuke and I weren't really awkward to each other despite seeing each other in person for the first time but still I wasn't that comfy to ask him to take photos of me though I did manage to get a few like this one, haha!

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