Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sporty Chic!


Haven't you heard?  Sporty staples are in! :P  I never really considered myself a casual sporty type of dresser but there's just something about these New Balance sneaks that made me rethink about my wardrobe to work around it. ;)  Here are the three ways I styled swaaaggged it. =)

A. Sweatshirts and a PVC mini skirt! :)

B.  Kicking out the black pumps in favor of the sneakers.  Why not? :P

C.  Ah.  The waist-tied trend.  :)

I hope this post somewhat inspired you to take you sneakers outside of the gym.  You can order your New Balance A420 sneakers too at Zalora and get a discount using this code: ZBAPgz4.  Happy shopping! :)

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