Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Camel Ride Dubai


Did you know that riding a camel for an extended period can leave you feeling seasick? The dune-dwelling creatures were nicknamed ‘ships of the desert’ for the swaying motion they make when they walk, caused by the fact they move both legs on one side of the body at the same time. This swaying motion is particularly pronounced when a herd – known as a caravan of camels – moves together.

How about that for some “trivia” for my post today? Haha.  Camel riding is an option in the Desert Safari tour and it is availed right before heading to the Bedouin-style camp.  And knowing me, of course I wouldn’t pass up on this experience. It’s actually a thrilling experience (think Sex and the City ladies in their lovely outfits and that famous joke about a ‘camel toe’ lol) but then again I was in comfy shorts and sneaks.  Here’s the camel that greeted us upon arrival.

The real challenge actually is the camel getting-up part.  It was quite scary specially when it’s making it’s grrr-hhh--- whatever you call that sound noise.  What does the camel say???  LOL!  I felt like it’s gonna gallop like a horse.  Hahaha!!!  

And after sometime, I felt comfortable enough for me to video the vuh-ry vuh-ry quick ride so here’s me and Ali aboard the camel. J

The couple infront of us are the ones from Australia.  You bet the Indian couple isn’t up for this after that dune bashing thing.  LOL! There is also another activity which is the quad biking but it is not free so we didn't go for it.  After that a very good evening awaits when you enter this - the Bedouin-style camp. :)  Post about it up next. =)

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