Friday, March 21, 2014

Pet Express Doggie Run 2014

#fitnessfriday/ #furryfriday

Finally, I was able to participate in Pet Express' Doggie Run with my gentle wolf.  Here's a photo of us post 3km run last Saturday.  So proud of Vladimir! Haha!

He runs quite fast for a beginner I thought we'd bag the first place award! LOL!  And of course knowing me (knowing you, lol!) here's a short clip of us running. Hihi. 

It'd be good to find a candid shot of us but I couldn't find anything on the web or from Pet Express' FB page.  :(  A portion of the proceeds of the Doggie Run 2014 will be donated to PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society)

And just a quick update about our other baby, Brindy (we wanted to name her Chloe but the owner insisted we use the same name), had to cut her hair because we couldn't do anything about her hair knots when we welcomed her to our home.  I just realized that a shih-tzu can very well look like a...uhmm... Chihuahua.  Hahaha!!!  But we still love her nonetheless. :))

That's all for now.  Happy weekend. :)

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