Tuesday, February 11, 2014



Everytime I pass by Roxas Boulevard in the morning otw to work, I always have this inexplicable urge to alight the vehicle and stop by the yacht harbor just to gaze longingly at the boats and stay there ‘til the sun sets. I don’t know,  I think it’s one sight truly worth beholding.

This weekend I had a chance to do that (not in Manila though) but in Subic and I am very grateful once again to my friend Joy for taking me there (this time with her hubby Marvin).  You may very well recall our trip as single girls here.  I was there for a purpose and it’s something I’m going to reveal on #fabfriday post (squeals with excitement!). ;)

Back to the marina topic, I made a research and according to urban dictionary, boating novices prefer the use of the term yacht harbor instead of that.  I don't know why I feel like sharing that, haha!  We were billeted at SBYC (Subic Bay Yacht Club) and this gave me the opportunity to finally have a close-up of that peaceful and nautical view of boats docked ashore.  As soon as we arrived around lunchtime to check on the yachts that are available for rent, I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  Never mind that the sun is at its brightest at a little past twelve in the afternoon!!! Every view is just gorgeous at any angle.

When finally a yacht has been chosen, off we went to a different location but already I was excited to be back for the sunset.  Aaaaah, sunset.  When the sky turns into shiny golden orange colors and the boats seem to be going to sleep.  Who in earth wouldn’t think it’s romantic? <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

Bet it would be even more romantic if you were in the yacht with me. Hahaha!

Checking in at the SBYC didn't only give me the chance to view the sunset but the sunrise as well.  But before that, I just would like to share this favorite part of the marina view suite which is the spacious toilet with its very own jacuzzi! Har!

So I woke up at 6AM on a Saturday to witness the sunrise.  The last time I “made an effort” to rise up for such phenomenon was in very crowded places such as Siem Reap and Mt. Pulag.  This time the experience was different.  It was only me, alone in my balcony, enjoying that zen moment of waiting Mr. Sun to rise.

Wow, it was very peaceful, calm and meditative I could even take a dramatic selfie.  Hahaha!!!

And what’s a staycation without fully enjoying the amenities of the hotel right?  After the sunrise viewing, I went for a morning swim.  Too bad the pool is just 4 ft deep. :(

And of course, a last #ootd pic by the balcony would complete my stay. Har! :D

You can easily tell from the “amount” of photos that I really had a swell time in Subic.  Haha!  But it’s not just the scenery.  There’s something else.  An embarkation to something new.  Something I will tell on Friday. J

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