Thursday, May 05, 2011

Saturday in Subic :)

Finally, the roadtrip that was supposed to happen during the holiday pushed through last weekend.  Joy and I went to her hometown in Olongapo last Saturday.

There is only one agenda for this trip and that is to go to Ocean Adventure in Subic to see the dolphins.  Yes, there were other shows, the aquariums and there’s the sea lions too but the highlight will always have to be the dolphins.  It always is, isn’t it?  Hehehe. :P

This was us watching a show of Olongapo Jones, whose main star reminds me very much of my ex-colleague/friend at Intel, Christian.  My outfit was Coachella inspired.  Coachella?  Meh ganon? Hahaha!!

Me & joy
During the sea lions show, we found some seats infront so we were able to have a good look at the mammals up close.  In all fairness, they’re soo cute as well especially that one scene wherein one sea lion acted sad because the other was playing dead when they were teaching the lessons on caring for the environment.

And for the last show, tell me why it wouldn’t be the highlight??  First of all, Joy knows the supervisor of the dolphin trainers so instead of seating where the audiences are, we stayed at a special place with the trainers. :P   And as I see the dolphins swim just below where I was standing, I couldn’t help but blurt out.  “Langya, hinahabol habol ko pa kayo sa Bohol!”  Haha!!  I remembered how our boat was chasing after them in Panglao, Bohol last year just so we can see them up close but to no avail since once we reach where they initially were, they already were swimming to a different area.  Haha!  So this is where we were stationed.

The dolphins are such amazing creatures.  So friendly and intelligent, who wouldn’t love them??  I don’t understand how some other persons have the heart to kill ‘em.  :( :( :(some   Oh by the way, trivia.  Did you know that the Tagalog word for dolphin is lampasot?  Yes, it is.  ;-)  The tricks shown by the dolphins here were way way better than what I saw in Sentosa.  Have so much respect to the trainers who could teach all these to them.  And I envy them for all the time they could spend swimming with or teaching them. :P

After the show, Ope (Joy’s friend) led us to the beach area for the free beach encounter.  Hehehe.  I was so excited, it was my first time to see and touch a dolphin up close.  Yiheee!! :D And to me their skin felt like that of a rubber ring buoy, haha!

And once I finally got along with her, ayeee!!!  The kiss, kiss, kiss. :P

Awww, so sweeeeeeeet.  Hehe.  If you could see on my right bar under wishlist (which I did when I started this blog that’s why it is sooooooo not updated anymore I haven’t put a strikethrough to those that were already accomplished, haha!!), it is a dream of mine to swim with the dolphins.  I actually had a chance but Joy wasn’t willing to do it and I was ashamed to ask for it from her friend.  I thought it is already asking too much since we already got the beach encounter for free (it costs around 3K Php you know).  Sigh.  But there will be next time I’m sure.  I already asked for his number just so when I visit the next time around (just in case Joy is not around, hehe). :P 

We were not able to do much at night since the drive to and from Ocean Adventure is already quite tiresome.  Since I am re-learning driving (again!!), I get to appreciate the highways and the disciplined way of driving in Subic. I just hope we could apply it in Manila.  At night, Joy gave me a quick tour of Olongapo and we had dinner at Meat Plus Cafe where they serve delicious fatties, err I mean patties.  Hehe.
At Meat Plus Cafe
Slept over their place at Gapo and returned the next day. :)

Joy pretending to be asleep :P
Thanks so much to Joy for the amazing experience with the dolphin, for the coaching in driving and for everything else.  Hehe. :P  For sure this will not be the last time to go back to Subic with her. ;)  

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