Saturday, May 07, 2011

Taking It From Khloe

But what I do wanna blog about is………..

Seriously, what is it with the Kardashians??  I was just once led to this fashion site that features dresses worn by reality stars once upon a bloghopping and then bam! I found myself getting back to it to hear more about this family!  Crazy isn’t it?  Haha!  I mean, what more if I watch their reality show?  Yikes!  I don’t wanna get hooked like that.  Haha!

In all fairness, I adore Kim’s beauty and all but what I just don’t like about her (just slightly) is when she dresses up letting it all hang out, ya know?  Hehe.  I mean I know there’s a saying “If you got it, flaunt it.”  But in her case she’s got too much of it so if she atleast try to hide it somehow it will still flaunt itself.  Ano daw???  Laaaaaabooo!!  Hahahaha!!

Khloe is not an exemption.  Whoa, these blessed Armenians!  LOL!  But recently I’ve taken quite a shine on her and saved some photos about how I think curvaceous women like ‘em should carry themselves.  This, I just want to clear, is not coming from a wellspring of bitterness just because I have a boyish shape.  Are you silly?  I’m thankful for the practical benefits of my flat chest and narrow hips; I’m perfectly fine with them.  It has its pros and cons but I don't wanna elaborate so if you’d just take a look at the one below,
That's Khloe wearing a loose shirt.  And she just added some oomph to it by wearing those fierce shoes.  But I like it!  No need to let something hang out but still looking sexy to me! ;)  Don't you agree?

And this is another photo with her husband of her wearing what seemed to me are tapered pants.  The color combo is FTW!  And the SHOES!  Lurve!  Well there’s a bit flaunting on the top all right but still she minimized the bottom. :P :P :P
And so, taking it from Khloe (and no not because we have the same body frame)…..these are my recent steals from Topshop sale (mwahaha!)..this is what I really wanna blog about..LOL!
A loose shirt.  It’s a notch bigger than my usual size but I like it.  I’ve been wearing this shirt non-stop since I got it because the heat these days is just too much!  I can just wear a tube bra beneath and presto, presko!  The loose sleeves are providing great source of fresh air.  Haha!  I even wore it once during actual gym itself just to give myself an excuse of wearing a midriff underneath.  Mahaha!!!

As for the tapered, I found out that not only voluptuous women who wanna hide their bottom can benefit from its cut but also those on the other side.  In my case, the print (another addition to my leopard collection :P) and the cut sort of sidetracks the attention from the small hips and I need the belt coz this is again a notch bigger than my usual size.  Hey, it's a sale remember??  LOL!
It kinda looks velvet-y on the photo but it's made of polyester.  And I don't know why either one of my leg automatically shoots itself up during mirror shots.  LOL!  Funny, I feel like I'm a celebrity whenever I wear it.  Wahaha!!  Feeling lang naman.  :P
And I had the chance to borrow  sneak my brother's aviators.  Haha!  
Somehow, not having a sister whom I can share or borrow things with is fine when I have these things that I can use from my brother.  LOL!
That's Me & Mely at Banapple in a new building NorthEast Square in GH!  They're open 'til 11 so perfect for Monday nights after gym. :D

Both items from Topshop are no more than 600 Php.  :P  I told you they're steals - in a legal way.  Hehe. >:D

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