Monday, June 24, 2013

An Excerpt From Man of Steel


Our teambuilding activity last week at work was watching Man of Steel in the cinema.  I ain't here to review the movie, I just remembered this scene the young Clark Kent had with his adoptive mother at school.  He was having trouble working on his powers...

Clark:  "The world is too big, mom."
Mom: "Then make it smaller."

I remembered this poignant conversation while we were on the Ha Long Bay cruise.  The tour guide asked if you had a girlfriend to which you answered no.  When asked why, you simply shrugged and answered...

"The world is a big place."

Having a job that takes you to different parts of the world, I knew what that answer meant.  I just couldn't think of a good reply then.

But I think I've found the simple answer for you.

Just make it smaller.  

And I hope this message reaches you....

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