Thursday, June 20, 2013



I will postpone my supposed #threesome post for last week (I thought I will be able to blog in Hanoi what was I thinking? Haha!) for next week to keep up with my Hanoi feature this week. :))  I was able to score this ASOS skirt from one of the fashion boutiques near my hostel.  It's a little unusual for a skirt specially that it has some kind of PVC texture but I like it! :D

#1 Cropped top.  This is the first thing I thought of for last Sunday's shoot.  Haha!  This is a nod to the current ab-baring trend.  I just realized how cropped tops are soooo IN and my abs are sooo OUT! =))  

Paired with Topshop cropped top

#2 Crisp white shirt. Since I got a little excited wearing this, so I decided to wear it last Monday at work.  I believe that the easiest to make this look business-like (shiny material and everything) is with this long-sleeved shirt.  This is again, a nod to the current PH weather.  Of course, I didn't escape those banters at work whether they could borrow the umbrella.  Aaargh!!!  I joked back that this is my ready-made raincoat.  Hahaha!!! 

Sporting on the lower right side of the picture is my Yoko-ono like round sunnies from Hanoi's night market! ;-)

Paired with Bayo shirt

#3 Floral bustier.  The last thing I thought of is with these cute floral Topshop bustier.  PINK!  Need I say more? :))

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