Saturday, February 02, 2013

Make Your Move


For three consecutive Fridays last January (hey it's Feb 1! :p), Fitness First held an event called "Make Your Move" in Robinsons Manila. :)  It was the regular Retro Pop and Zumba class I attend to in the gym but the venue was different.

Errr, as you can see from the pic below, it was held not in the GX classroom in the gym but rather in the Midtown Wing of the mall itself thereby attracting "viewers" to let them see that fun and fitness is really possible. :P  Or so at least that's how I understood the project.  LOL!  Having heard of it only last Saturday (what do I know? Been MIA on the gym for weekends due to my trips, lol!), I decided to ask my boss' permission to leave early last Friday so I could participate.  Hahaha!!!  Sayang, exposure din yun!  Hahaha, kidding! ;-)  Nah, you know how I'm such an advocate of living healthy and exercise.  I love RetroPop and with that class it is really possible to be ecstatic while dancing!  I promise! :D

At first, I was really nervous when I saw the stage set-up.  But when you're a natural, I guess you just wouldn't mind the crowd. :P

Super duper enjoyed it especially with friends in the gym. :)  Have you ever thought about your fitness plans for this year??  It's still not too late! :)

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